13 September 2007

Lucky 13

I did an inventory of sorts on my blog archives and realized I have become negative in the extreme. Not that it hasn't been a magnificently unfortunate summer or that I should sugar-coat my blog entries, as it is the closest thing to a journal I will ever have. It is just that negativity is cyclical and can drag one down if you let it. So in honor of today, the 13th, thirteen having always been a lucky number for me, I will share 13 things that make me smile.

1. My Season 2 Supernatural DVDs, which I pre-ordered way back in June, are somewhere between an Amazon.com warehouse in Kentucky and my mailbox. That little box contains 22+ hours of the deliciousness that is Dean Winchester. Huzzah!

2. I realized that when I look at my closet I am satisfied with its contents. There isn't really anything I feel I am lacking, except of course that beautiful suit from Banana Republic I blogged about a while back. And maybe one of those cute shifts with the pintucked scoop necks that all are the rage this fall. But really, I'm content fashion-wise AND shoe-wise. That is something.

3. Public libraries and the lovely people like Miss Nemesis who staff them. Without these wonderful institutions, I wouldn't be able to afford my book habit. And also, any place that encourages children to slow down, turn off the noise and think is truly fantastic.

4. All my lovely friends and family who are embarking on new adventures great and small. They inspire me.

5. Having a positive bank balance five months running, being responsible enough to keep the check book balanced AND having my running balance match my banks. That hasn't happened in years.

6. My upcoming trip to California. I cannot wait to spend a week with The Accidental Housewife, Mr. Big, and their dog, Dudley. It is on the calendar at work, which means it is official, come hell, highwater, or jury summons.

7. Teaching 14-15 year-old girls at church. Sure they can be giggly and easily distracted, but listening to them reminds me of how big the world was then and the rush of feeling you could conquer it. Adolescence is hard, I still bear the scars, but it is also a time of never-ending hope and when I listen to them chat I wonder when exactly that was beaten out of me and what I need to do to reclaim it.

8. Rediscovering country music. I went through a country phase during junior high, and I previously commented on how even now I am drawn to it when I'm sad or not feeling well. So I have been listening to it a lot lately. And I realized I do like some of it. So here are some songs that you should listen to, just once, because they make me smile: Something's Gotta Give by Leann Rimes; Free and Easy Down the Road I Go by Dierks Bentley; Suds In The Bucket by Sara Evans; All My Friends Say by Luke Bryan; Online by Brad Paisley. You should really check out the video for Online for the cameos alone. Especially you Seinfeld fans.

9. Facing a weekend in which I neither have to travel anywhere, nor have anything scheduled. I will probably clean the house, as it is verging on seriously nasty, but I can do that in my pajamas.

10. The hint of fall in the air every morning. It won't be too long now until I can pull my beloved turtlenecks out of confinement. Also looking forward to opaque tights, knee-high boots, and leaves turning beautiful colors.

11. 13 days, 23 hours and 35 minutes until The Office returns to my television set.

12. Halloween falls on Wednesday, which means there will probably be a Church activity, giving me an excuse to bust out my seriously awesome Daphne (from Scooby-Doo) costume.

13. The thought of making a hair appointment to make my hair a lovely dark(er) auburn. It may not be natural, but I think it was the color I was born to wear. I'll post pics when it is done.


esperanza said...

I LOVE that you are starting to love country music, and I LOVE your yes, seriously aswesome Daphne suit! (I still haven't developed teh pix from last year...) but you looked hot!!!

Katie said...

Ohhhhh your description of fall fills me with excitement! It is by far my favorite season. And tights, are by far my favorite accessory! Can't wait!

SenatorBond said...

Have you not always loved country music? Yes it is good to focus on the so many positive things going on around us (it would be nice if they would stop going around, and instead pass through...j/k :)

Heather said...

Yeah for all the good things! I really loved this post, it made me feel so happy! And you seriously should write a book.. you are such a fantastic writer.. really.

And The Office.. CAN NOT WAIT! I wish we lived closer (are you picking up a theme here?) so we could throw an Office party! You throw such killer parties.
J+P=Luv 4ever! (speaking of Jr. High.. :)

I am just so excited to see what happened!

Panini said...

Great post! How exciting about your hair! And I love your #7. I'm going to go check out your music list. . .

aquamarine said...

I have got to see the Daphne suit!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I thought I commented on this post already but apparently that was a pipe dream? Anyway. Dude, why didn't we think of having an Office party before? Biggest. DUH. Ever.


ZB said...

Wow, being satisfied with your closet! That's incredible. I've NEVER had that feeling. EVER! And you do look fabulous in turtlenecks.