22 November 2006

Maybe I'll Move to Australia

Do you guys ever have one of those days where everything seems to go wrong? Where life veers off into some alternate course and you want just one thing to go right, but it turns out that even the Christmas tree ornament you wanted at Hallmark is only available to people in some special club and you have to buy three other ornaments to be eligibile for the stupid club, and then the avocados you picked out for the guacamole you plan on making for the tacos you are having for dinner aren't quite ripe and require an act of Congress to mash up and finally, while sitting at dinner you are about to take a drink of your grape juice when you notice that a spider, the animal you hate most on all the earth, is drowning in your grape juice. And there is no more grape juice. That is the kind of day that today was.

16 November 2006

Chaos Part II

* * * * * WARNING: FOR ADULT EYES ONLY * * * * *

Ok, so the painting probably won't be done until Saturday, which means I will have been in a state of chaos for 6 days. Also, I am killing off brain cell after brain cell by sleeping in a room with paint fumes. Also, I have this thing in which my bedroom door must be closed in order for me to sleep comfortably but I can't close it because of the paint fumes and have therefore been sleeping very lightly. Which, combined with the fact that my vent cover is removed from the duct so I can paint around it, is why I am pretty sure I was woken by the sounds of what could only be my upstairs neighbors getting intimate this morning. And I am scarred for life. Fingers crossed that the brain cells that die tonight are responsible for that memory.

15 November 2006


With all my free time these days, I decided to go ahead and repaint my bedroom. When Miss Parker and I moved into this place, we were told we could paint as long as we returned it to the original white before we moved out. And seeing as how we are planning on moving when our lease is up in February, repainting now seemed like a good idea. The only difficulty is that when I orginally painted the room blue, I had a small, easily-moved twin bed. Now I have a wonderful, gargantuan, pillow-topped queen bed, which I love dearly and in which I enjoy spending far too much time. However, the sheer size of the bed is causing problems. I have to plan exactly what section of the room to paint and how long I have to wait for it to dry before I can shove the bed a different direction and paint another section. Which means that the repainting is going to take twice as long as the painting did. Plus, since the blue I painted is a strong color, I can't just slap white paint over it. I discovered yesterday when I started that I have to do two coats of primer AND two coats of paint to properly cover the wall. So instead of taking two days, it will take at least four. Therefore, most of the contents of my bedroom remain strewn around the living room. The chaos is driving me completely crazy.

I am tempted to just move the bed into the last remaining floor space of the living room, even though a) it would probably bug Miss Parker to no end, especially since the kitchen is also a disaster because I'm either painting or passed out from paint fumes and she is working long hours AND just started rehearsals for a local production of Aida; and b) the sheer act of moving it would probably kill me because I would slip on the plastic drop cloth on my floor causing the mattress to fall on me, pining me to the floor under the window that is opened to alleviate the paint fumes and Miss Parker would find me frozen to death late at night when she returns from rehearsal. Also, sleeping in the living room seems kind of creepy. So the chaos continues.

The worst of it is that amongst this chaos, I am still expected to function normally, to do the job search thing, to handle my financial affairs, to generally live life when I can't remember where I put anything I need to do any of the above. Because when I was packing up my room and moving it about, I found clever places to put everything I needed. Sadly, possibly from sleeping in a paint-fume bedroom, I forgot said cleverness and am now without all the paperwork I need to get through the day. And all of this has to be done and taken care of before I leave for Washington on Tuesday for the Thanksgiving holiday. I need a nap.

01 November 2006

Things That Make Me Happy

I decided today would be the day to use the gift cards I got for my birthday, so I walked over to the Gateway to do some shopping. As always happens when I have money to spend, I couldn't find any clothes I liked. But at Barnes&Noble I found the perfect 2007 calendar by Anne Taintor. I absolutely love the combination of the retro images and witty, naughty text. So I look forward to the next year of a monthly reason to smile!