15 September 2009

What's Been Going On In My Mind

I have been busy moving and nannying the Peanut so I haven't had much time to blog, but I thought I could jot down some thoughts since the Peanut is taking a nap.

Three things I now consider luxuries:
  • Taking a shower or going to the loo without a toddler or canine audience.
  • Not having to share my food with anyone. Especially with those who refuse to eat their own.
  • Living on my own internal schedule, not someone else's.
Three things I will need to consider before I get married and have children:
  • Silencing the Martyrdom gene I inherited from my mother that runs rampant in the women on that side of the family and which tells us that we basically have to throw ourselves on the pyre and that if things aren't going well it is because we just aren't doing enough.
  • I might be the meanest mother in town. Possibly the world.
  • Tantrums and PMS will undoubtedly coincide, but there has to be a way for them to do so non-violently.
Three things I have learned while nannying a 17 month-old:
  • If a child decides to throw a tantrum and is not in a position to injure themselves I will just let them throw it. Unless we are in public.
  • I hope I have children who are early verbalizers, because I hate guessing and the inevitable tantrums that come from guessing wrong.
  • My future husband and I are going to have a long and involved discussion about responsibilities and rules and expectations so that we each know explicitly what the other is thinking about raising a child before the actual wedding.
Three things I will definitely miss when this gig is done:
  • The sweet little kiss the Peanut gives when we are singing before bedtime. Usually right before he falls asleep on my shoulder.
  • The hugs he requires after a tantrum, even if I'm the reason for the tantrum.
  • His total glee at all he sees in the world. He is excited by every car or truck, every dog, every little lizard we see in the yard, every new thing he sees. It makes me excited.