29 September 2008

Without Further Ado

I am just coming off the second migraine in 3 days, so I really don't have anything to blog about. But I thought I would post a couple photos of my cute apartment. Sadly, the living room looks a little squashed, but I assure you there is plenty of room to walk around the furniture.

That black thing in the corner is actually my garbage can with an overly large garbage bag in it. And the door to the bathroom opens into the kitchen, which is weird, but seeing as how it is only me, I'm not too worried.

27 September 2008

Because I'm Only 1/2 Way Through The 300 Pages I Need To Read By Monday

I will just direct you to this post at Romancing the Tome. I'm sure you all know who I voted for, although I'm a little skeptical about the accent situation. Shouldn't the actor playing Prof. Henry Higgins, the English dialect and language expert, actually speak with a proper English accent? Still any reason to stare at George Clooney on the big screen is good in my book.

22 September 2008

I'm Back. Sort Of.

Checking in from the library again. Only 48 more hours! I keep chanting that to myself. Keep your fingers crossed that there are no technical difficulties. Please.

So, experimenting with the bus system today. Definitely does not take an hour one way. More like half an hour from my front door to whatever building on campus I'm heading for. So that is good news. Plus, all the bus drivers are very nice and greet you as you get on the bus. The anti-social misanthrope in me is having a difficult time adjusting.

And my apartment is finally set to rights and everything is out of boxes. Which means I'm a little less scattered and much more sane. I just forgot to upload the photos I took, so that will have to wait for a bit.

Finally, have become completely obsessed with the first season DVDs of Pushing Daisies. I had almost forgotten about the show, what with the writer's strike preempting its return after Christmas. But, I treated myself to the DVDs at Costco the other day (still much, much cheaper than the monthly cable bill) and am remembering how wonderful the show was. So, my mission for you, dear readers, is to get to your nearest Blockbuster, Red Box, public library or Netflix account and start watching. You'll thank me. And the new season starts October 1st. Mark your calendars!

P.S. I'm a bit behind in my TV viewing, as I'm doing it strictly online, so a new series-centric blog is in the offing. You'll just have to be patient.

18 September 2008

Hey There!

Okay, so I have to make this quick. I still have a week until my internet is up, but thankfully the public library has wi-fi. Yay! So you get a random collection of thoughts.

The Fun Things:
  • I get Canadian radio stations. For some reason I find this endlessly entertaining.
  • My apartment is pretty cute AND has lots of storage space, which means that at some point the chaos will be over. And when it is, I promise pictures.
  • I am close to Fred Meyer, Target, Costco, the mall, and a movie theater.
  • There is a bus stop half a block from my front door.
  • Finding random things like vases and decorative bowls that I totally forgot I owned and that I love.
  • The YSA ward. These people are nice, introduce themselves right away, and the girls are friendly. Most of the Utah YSA wards I attended the girls saw you as competition and the guys waited for you to bring them cookies and tell them how awesome they were.
The Less-Than-Stellar Things
  • The chaos, people, the chaos. I have to spend at least a couple hours out of the apartment or I would collapse into a ball on my bed and not do anything.
  • Learning that it will probably take me an hour one-way to get to school on the bus. Study time, right?
  • No convenient internet. Seriously going through withdrawls, as it makes it that much harder to connect with my friends.
  • My picture on my student ID card. Seriously, I have the crazy eyes. Not good.
Well, I promise I will have pictures and news soon. And I'll be back as soon as I can. I miss you all!

11 September 2008

There Will Be Bobbleheads

I had to cheer myself up, as dismantling one's bedroom can be a terribly depressing undertaking, so I headed over to Television Without Pity to see what could be found there. And, oh, how the universe rewarded me! There was a transcript of an interview with The Office's Paul Lieberstein (Toby) and Amy Ryan (the new HR person, Holly) about the upcoming season 5 of The Office. You can read it here. But the best part is at the very end of the interview, in which it was promised that EACH of the show's characters will be getting their own bobblehead. Now, I never understood the obsession with bobbleheads, but I know I love my Dwight K. Schrute bobblehead dearly. And now someone is promising me the possibility of owning a Jim Halpert bobblehead. How awesome is that?

06 September 2008

Weekly Wrap-up

So, in the past 7 days I have driven 1,753 miles, monopolized my niece for approximately 3 of those days, found out I need to prove I have had two MMR vaccinations before I can register in 3 days, slept on air mattresses and in hotels, signed my life away on a lease, and watched BBC America all Saturday afternoon whilst making myself sick by gorging on macaroni & cheese because I am so stressed I NEEDED comfort food. Good times. I have a list of things to accomplish that is pretty much as long as my arm, so I don't know how much I'll be posting this week. But I will have new apartment pics and adventures-in-moving stories for you next week, I'm sure. To end on a pleasant note, here is my darling niece, Gummi Bear.