18 September 2008

Hey There!

Okay, so I have to make this quick. I still have a week until my internet is up, but thankfully the public library has wi-fi. Yay! So you get a random collection of thoughts.

The Fun Things:
  • I get Canadian radio stations. For some reason I find this endlessly entertaining.
  • My apartment is pretty cute AND has lots of storage space, which means that at some point the chaos will be over. And when it is, I promise pictures.
  • I am close to Fred Meyer, Target, Costco, the mall, and a movie theater.
  • There is a bus stop half a block from my front door.
  • Finding random things like vases and decorative bowls that I totally forgot I owned and that I love.
  • The YSA ward. These people are nice, introduce themselves right away, and the girls are friendly. Most of the Utah YSA wards I attended the girls saw you as competition and the guys waited for you to bring them cookies and tell them how awesome they were.
The Less-Than-Stellar Things
  • The chaos, people, the chaos. I have to spend at least a couple hours out of the apartment or I would collapse into a ball on my bed and not do anything.
  • Learning that it will probably take me an hour one-way to get to school on the bus. Study time, right?
  • No convenient internet. Seriously going through withdrawls, as it makes it that much harder to connect with my friends.
  • My picture on my student ID card. Seriously, I have the crazy eyes. Not good.
Well, I promise I will have pictures and news soon. And I'll be back as soon as I can. I miss you all!


Duludes said...

Is your apartment not there in Bellingham? Why do you have to ride the bus for a hour? I will have to come see you up there. I know where a good Thai Resturant is. Plus I'm sure the fall leaves up your way will be gergous. I'm excited for you.

Mime said...

I am really excited to see you Saturday!! I can't believe that it takes an hour to school. Thats insane. Well, good luck with everything.

aquamarine said...

Yeah! You are alive and things are coming along! I hear you about the no internet.

Wow, an hour?!? Maybe for study time or nap time? Well Mister gets away with that because seriously who is going to mug the freakishly tall big guy?

So glad to have you mostly back. Party on the veranda when you have full internet service. ;)

Treat Queen said...

I am so glad that the YSA ward is nice! That will make a world of difference! And make socializing easier
Sorry about the bus ride. I figured it would be something like that. I think its one of those necessary evils, and it always takes a long time.
Good luck with everything!

Saxon said...

and the guys waited for you to bring them cookies and tell them how awesome they were.

mmm cookies and girls telling you your awesome. Great....

Erhh I mean how terrible they think like that.

goes to sit in corner and ponders the unliklyness of any female ysa telling him he's awesome.. or bring him cookes

Heather said...

Sorry about the googley eyes!! :)

It sounds like it is going GREAT! so far.. I'm so happy! you seem to be in a great location and the ward sounds fabulous already.

Looking forward to the next update!

ZB said...

I think you should scan in that student ID...

Glad to hear that you are alive and well. I was just thinking about you today and put your address in my book for Christmas cards. I know, I'm a little ahead of the game. But I'll procrastinate and make up for it.

Horray for friendly wards. Good luck. We miss you.

esperanza said...

Isn't it insane how connected to the Internet we are?! I experienced a similar situation when I moved into my new place a couple of weeks ago!

Katie said...

I am so excited for you! Can't wait to see pictures!!! Is the lack of Internet just temporary? I certainly hope so!