23 March 2009

Did I Really Sign Up For This?

Sometimes I wonder. After a crazy term filled with stress from school and church callings and family drama, I was looking forward to a nice, relaxing break. Thursday was to be the big kick-off to Spring Break. I drove down Thursday morning to spend the day with Mime, Mrs. Mime, and Bug. We went to the Woodland Park Zoo, which was fun. Sadly both Mrs. Mime and I forgot our cameras, which meant we couldn't get pictures of the adorable baby gorilla who was impatiently waiting for her mom to wake up from a nap and play. Then Mime and I went to the opening game of the MLS season, in which the new expansion team the Seattle Sounders took on the New York Red Bulls (any guesses on their main sponsor?). Seattle won 3-0, which was awesome and exciting. Just look at our faces:

Being the sensible person I am, I decided to stay the night at Mime's rather than drive home late at night with possibly a lot of traffic. So Friday at 9 I hit the road. Friday at 9:15 I collided with another car. Not good. Thankfully, no one was injured. BUT my dear little car was damaged beyond repair (at least, beyond being worth repairing). So I am now a bus rider for the foreseeable future. Mime and Mrs. Mime were wonderful and insisted I stay until Saturday, as they didn't think it would be good for me to be left alone in Bellingham after such an event. So we went to the zoo again (in between calls with insurance companies, of course) and this time Mrs. Mime remembered her camera. Yay!

The giraffes were hiding out in their barn, but we caught one on film anyway! Bug was not in a good mood Friday AND the baby gorilla did not make a repeat appearance, which made Mrs. Mime and I doubly sad we forgot our cameras on Thursday! The only pic we could get was of the daddy gorilla's rear end. He was unimpressed with the zoo patrons.

We overheard two zoo employees talking while we were at the hippo pond. Apparently that is the 2nd most dangerous section of the zoo AND they once found some dad dangling his child in a stroller (!) over the guardrail. Why are people like that allowed to procreate? Here we fit all 4 of our hands in a cast of a hippo foot. Crazy!

Finally, we saw the orangutans, who were happily munching away, completely unaffected by the rows of curious faces. Bug was intrigued by the orangutan statues.

All-in-all it was an eventful weekend and even though there were some really un-fun moments, how could I not be okay when I got to snuggle with this cutie. When she would let me, that is. 

07 March 2009

Because My Life Revolves Around Homework

I should be doing the mountain of assignments that need to be done at various points between this Monday and next Monday. And if not doing that, I should be taking care of the hill of Church stuff that always needs to be done. But I'm not because just thinking about it makes me want to take a nap. So I am going to give you adorable pictures to look at. 

Bug (formerly known as The Gummi Bear)

My brother began calling his daughter Bug, and it has stuck, so I thought I would make the change too. I don't really know where 'Bug' came from, but she is as cute as one (cuter, actually) so it works. She is doing all sorts of adorable things these days and is on the brink of crawling. Which means I really should start baby-proofing my apartment. I'm trying to convince Mime and Mrs. Mime to let me take her for a night at the end of April so they can have some time away to celebrate their anniversary. Also, her hair makes the most adorable curly faux-hawk you have ever seen!

The Peanut

The Peanut is growing by leaps and bounds. He likes to chatter loudly in the background when his mom and I are on the phone, just to make sure we both know he is there. He also enjoys grabbing their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Clarence, whenever he gets close. Thankfully, Clarence is very patient! I might be biased, but I think the Peanut is very handsome. I am planning on going down in September to nanny for a week while his mom goes on a trip to Scotland - how awesome is that? I say very!