20 April 2006

Unfortunately Not A Vacation

But I am going to take a break until my brother's wedding is over and done with and the happy couple is ensconced in their luxury basement apartment in Idaho. I am being slammed at work and have 12 projects I have to finish at home, like my dress for the wedding and the wedding reception music, so I'll be gone for a bit. But I promise when I'm back, you'll have your answers for the FBL noms and perhaps a new installment of my story, tentatively titled Havasu Blue. See you in 3 weeks!

14 April 2006


Well, Miss Parker finally got her iMac, which means we are one step closer to conquering the world! Actually, we are planning a website called the Fantasy Boyfriend League. We already have quite a list, but we could always use some suggestions. So if you have a cherished fantasy boyfriend or 5, let us know. While we do retain the final veto(Sorry, Esperanza, the President will NEVER be a member of the League) we would love to hear what you have to say! So bring on the comments. Oh, and I'll let you know if your fantasy boyfriends make the cut, or if they already have.

03 April 2006

Daylight SavingZZZZZZZ

Saturday, I got very excited when I remembered that Daylight Savings Time was here again. I like having the sun out for a few hours after work, encouraging the feeling that you actually have time to do things. It also means spring is definitely here to stay. What I forgot about was the way the change in morning sunlight plays with your internal clock. Perhaps this is because until I started working full-time, I was never up before the sun, regardless of season. And Sunday I slept in, so the sun was up before I was and I focused on the joy of basking in the sun until almost 8 pm. So this morning when my alarm went off at 6:45, I hit snooze, because it had to be a mistake; it wasn’t light enough in my room. Several snooze buttons later, I actually looked at the clock and realized it was past time to get up and get moving or I would be late. I tried to tell myself I wasn’t tired, because it was the same time I usually get up. I had almost convinced my inner clock that it was wrong, when I turned on my car. And there, contradicting all my convincing, the clock blinked a bright 6:45 am. I couldn’t lie to myself any longer. I was up an hour earlier than usual and I hated it! If only the American work day included naptime.