31 December 2009

Year In Review

I have been sadly remiss in my posting duties this year and I have been feeling slightly guilty about it since this is the closest thing I have to a journal. So I thought a quick review of the year was in order, which once started illuminated precisely why I didn't get to blogging much.

January started with a cancelled flight or two that led straight into a 17 credit term. That is pretty much all I remember.

February was the month I got the death flu during midterms. It was also the month that my dad announced his intention to get remarried and I was called to be the Relief Society President. But really, all that happened in the same week in February.

In March I survived a second term and celebrated by going to the Woodland Park Zoo and a Sounders game with my brother's family. The celebration was short lived, as I was in a car accident the next morning, which ended with my car totaled and me staying in Seattle for a few more days than planned. Thankfully, I have a wonderful brother and sister-in-law who took great care of me! And shortly thereafter I started another term, only taking 13 credits this time. Finally, I met my future stepmother when she flew up for a weekend.

I got a new car in April but had to fly to Utah in order to drive it back. I also got to spend time teaching the book Tuck Everlasting to a fantastic group of 6th graders. And spring came to Bellingham, which meant sunnier days and the planning of adventures.

In May I started exploring around Bellingham and visited great places like Larrabee Park and Teddy Bear cove as well as surviving another round of midterms.

After another round of finals, I flew to Arizona for my dad's wedding and met my new step-siblings. I also started yet another term, the summer term that had classes everyday for hours and hours. It was completely exhausting and I couldn't wait for it to be over.

School ended in July, for a whole month and a half. So I decided it would be a perfect time to plan a move and start packing up my life. I also chopped off all my hair.

I spent most of the month packing and cleaning. It is amazing how much stuff one can collect in such a short amount of time. The reward at the end of all the packing and the moving and the cleaning was my trip to California to spend time with my aunt's family and then nanny her son, the Peanut, while she went to Scotland.

I spent fun weeks in California and came home to a house all put to order by my wonderful, wonderful roommate. My bed was up and made and such a nice relief since I had to start another term of school.

I turned 31 and got another round of the death flu, although I don't think it was in quite that order. To be honest, October was pretty much a blur surrounding a couple of moments of severe doubt about my ability to survive school and/or teaching. Zeros on two totally different assignments in two totally different classes can do that to a person.

The month was more blurriness punctuated by stress. Thanksgiving was a nice, albeit short, break to collect my thoughts. I got to see my dad and stepmom's new, if temporary, house.

One more week of finals, the conclusion of a term in which I had to pull more all-nighters than ever in the whole of my college career. After school ended, I was able to catch up on Doctor Who, punctuated by a mini-marathon of the recent specials the day after Christmas.

That was my 2009, a year full of major events and lots of hard work. And, frankly, I'm completely exhausted. So my New Year's Eve plans consist of staying at home in my yoga pants having my very own monster Doctor Who marathon whilst consuming unholy amounts of junk food. Hope you are all spending New Year's Eve the way you want!

19 December 2009

"Maybe one of these days you'll find a way to create teachable moments without ruining my life."*

I was in the middle of cleaning my room (and by 'in the middle' I mean moving 3 months worth of stuff from my bedroom floor to my bed) when I decided, in a patented Scully procrastination move,  I needed to write a post.  And that decision led to a 30 minute search for a Glee quote that could sum up my life. Glee has been one of the few bright spots this fall, as most of it is a blur of homework and school work. And, as I found out when I checked my grades, I was actually taking 17 credits not 16 like I thought. So I was working extra hard for a class that was 4 credits because it wasn't, it was 5 credits. Anyway, the class was arduous for two reasons, the first being it was a 5 credit history class, which meant massive amounts of reading, and second, it was full of people required to take the class to get endorsed to teach history in Washington state, but the professor taught it to train people to be historiographers. Not the same thing at all. So all the work seemed to be for naught and requiring skills I did not have nor would I use again. But I survived and am only slightly discomfited by the B+ I ended up with.

In other news, I finished Christmas shopping and now only a trip to the post office stands between me and true holiday celebrating. And of course cleaning my room. That should definitely be done before I want to go to bed.