19 December 2009

"Maybe one of these days you'll find a way to create teachable moments without ruining my life."*

I was in the middle of cleaning my room (and by 'in the middle' I mean moving 3 months worth of stuff from my bedroom floor to my bed) when I decided, in a patented Scully procrastination move,  I needed to write a post.  And that decision led to a 30 minute search for a Glee quote that could sum up my life. Glee has been one of the few bright spots this fall, as most of it is a blur of homework and school work. And, as I found out when I checked my grades, I was actually taking 17 credits not 16 like I thought. So I was working extra hard for a class that was 4 credits because it wasn't, it was 5 credits. Anyway, the class was arduous for two reasons, the first being it was a 5 credit history class, which meant massive amounts of reading, and second, it was full of people required to take the class to get endorsed to teach history in Washington state, but the professor taught it to train people to be historiographers. Not the same thing at all. So all the work seemed to be for naught and requiring skills I did not have nor would I use again. But I survived and am only slightly discomfited by the B+ I ended up with.

In other news, I finished Christmas shopping and now only a trip to the post office stands between me and true holiday celebrating. And of course cleaning my room. That should definitely be done before I want to go to bed.


katharine said...

merry christmas!

esperanza said...

That is a great quote! I'm guilty I'm sure of causing my students pain on occasion! At least it is over with! :D I finally made it to the post office this week myself - yeah for Chritmas cards! See you soon in ML!

Heather said...

Yay!! You survived. Congrats! Speaking of getting to the post office your Christmas present will most definitely be late.. big surprise.

Are you going to your dad's for Christmas?

I'm glad you made it through another semester and You can be dang proud of that B+!! :)

talk to you soon

Tamara said...

It was so great to have you here for Christmas! Thanks for being so much fun, spontaneous, and easy to have around. We're grateful that all went well in your traveling today. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!