26 February 2009


I attended a wedding reception this evening for two lovely and wonderful people who really love each other and are adorable and I wish them all the best because of all of the above. They really have nothing to do with this post other than their wedding reception was the setting for the subsequent stuff that sucks massively. So, I sat at a table with several friends, most of whom are single. One poor gentleman happens to be over 25 so everyone is on RED ALERT to get him married ASAP because obviously his singleton status is untenable to people only tangentially involved in his life. Pretty much every single person who stopped at our table to chat brought up the fact that a) he wasn't married and b) he needed to get on that STAT. Because apparently he wasn't aware of that fact already. It drives me insane when people cannot mind their own business and let people live their own lives. It finally annoyed me so that I politely (and loudly) thanked him for taking all the crap I usually get at weddings. It didn't help with the annoying people passing our table, but it did shut a few of the people up who were sitting at our table. Which was something.

Besides the fact that it is just rude to be so intrusive into an individual's personal life, is there any other situation in which people say such obnoxious things? I know people ask recently and not-so-recently married folks when they are planning to have children or if they are trying to have children (which is awful in and of itself) but the behavior I witnessed tonight was akin to people accosting a couple who are unable to have children and telling them that they needed to get themselves a child right away and implying that they should just walk down the street and pick-up the first one they see. THIS IS NOT OKAY! It isn't appropriate to say to a childless couple and it isn't okay to say to a single person. How have we become a society or culture that allows such intrusive, rude, and hurtful behavior? Why are extremely personal aspects of individual lives the fodder of public speculation and even mockery. And why, oh why, is it considered rude for said individual to do anything but sit there and take it or joke about it themselves? HAVE WE NO DECENCY?

17 February 2009

So, Yeah II

Remember this post from last year? About how I realized my dad would probably get remarried before I get a date? Well, I apparently have excellent intuition. My dad got engaged this weekend to a lovely woman who shall be known, until I can come up with a better alias, as Future StepMother or FSM for short. I'm sure this is coming as a shock to a few of you, as I haven't mentioned anything about it because I wasn't sure how much my dad wanted people to know, but as they have announced it on Facebook, I figure I can mention it here. It happened quickly and the wedding will be sometime this summer. 

In other news I was sick this weekend and spent lots of time watching movies on Netflix. If you are a fan of Cary Grant I would suggest checking out The Bachelor and The Bobby-Soxer. I also watched Bella and have a new fantasy boyfriend, because the lead actor's eyes were simply hypnotic. Also, the movie is fantastic and I highly recommend it. To say much about it would kind of ruin it. So go experience it yourself and get back to me.

15 February 2009

Recipe For A Perfect Single Valentine's Day

  • A good night's sleep.
  • A service project that gets you out in the spring sunshine for a couple of hours.
  • Doing your taxes and finding out you are getting $1100 back this year.
  • A convert baptism into the ward.
  • A fantastic dinner made by Flower Child consisting of wild rice, mahi mahi, and steamed broccoli.
  • A pan of brownies made from the Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate mix you get at Costco.
  • Watching delightful romantic comedies that contain musical gems that induce giggles and inspire awesome dance moves like this:

11 February 2009

I Should Be Paying Attention In Class But

I had to share this awesome link from Romancing the Tome. Gave me a giggle!

08 February 2009

So, Yeah.

Heather guessed correctly on my last post. I am now the Relief Society President of my ward. Which is a full-time calling on top of a full class load and I'm a little freaked out about doing it all. But I do know the Lord will bless me and that this calling was inspired. I have been really blessed these past few years, even though they were the hardest years of my life and  I know that He watches out for me and that He will provide a way for me to accomplish everything. However, it does mean I will have to dedicate my time to my calling and that I might not have a lot of time for my own personal pursuits. I might not be here as often as I would like, but I do plan on keeping this up as much as possible. I have several more crazy things going on in my life right now, but those stories will have to wait for a bit.

01 February 2009

Radio Silence

I apologize for being MIA. Some of it is school, some of it is other stuff that I'm not really in a position to talk about right now. None of it is bad, just stuff to do and deal with and figure out etc. So, yeah, I probably will be radio silent for at least another week.