27 September 2007

Wicked Awesome!

I was going to review Bionic Woman for you all today, but then I found a brown box sitting on my bed when I got home from work. And in that brown box was this:

My very own Dwight K. Schrute bobblehead, courtesy of my very dear friend Heather, who has been one of my best friends since first grade, despite my having left her on the sidewalk talking to herself. So not only was she awesome enough to forgive my rudeness, she is cool enough to send this so it arrived the very day of The Office premiere! Three cheers for Heather! He is so going on my desk tomorrow.


Katie said...

This is AWESOME! And how great was the premier, by the way? *sigh...I am so happy to have new episodes to look forward to every Thursday again!

Scully said...

I know! I started laughing when Michael showed the cameras sleeping Jan and didn't stop until the end. Also, I need a boyfriend like Jim Halpert. How cute is he? And how much better are happy Jim and Pam than angsty Jim and Pam. Who knew?

Heather said...

This is nice, Scully! Thanks. I'm so glad you like Dwight.. he makes me smile too.

I loved the premier.. I thought the Jim and Pam storyline could have been a little juicier.. but all in all, I'm happy with it and it was HILLARIOUS.

We died laughing when Michael hit Meredith and you just see her stiff body and her facial expression.. then she rolls off.. I'm totally laughing just typing this.

and when dwight was runny next to Michael like the super star his is.

and Andy's chaffing nipples.. so weird but so funny.

I'm so happy it's back.

cherbear said...

I tried to watch the premiere but was too busy with BabyBear. I'll have to get the recap on TwoP.

aquamarine said...

Office was awesome! I have to admit that at first with the reruns, I wasn't such a fan. But having watched enough I am completely addicted. I must have been a late office bloomer.

Scully said...

I think The Office requires immersion to like. At first it is just too painfully awkward, but if you stick with it, it builds up to totall hilarity.