24 September 2007

Tis The Season

I am addicted to Coke-and-lime, darker-than-dark chocolate, and television. I'm working on the Coke-and-lime habit, leaving me tired, irritable, and prone to wicked painful headaches. Which means I'm consoling myself with the pretty pictures on my television. And since it is premiere season, I'm sure I will be enjoying the next two weeks immensely. My returning favs are House, The Office, Scrubs, and Supernatural. I have some room on my schedule and decided to do some research on the newbies for this season. After reading reviews and looking at pictures, I figured I would check out the following: Chuck, Pushing Daisies, and Bionic Woman. Since I have to find some way to amuse myself until Thursday at 9pm (only 2 days, 23 hours, 9 minutes and thirty seconds!) I thought I would give my review of each new show. So tonight I watched Chuck.

Chuck is about a computer-smart, socially-akward, street-inept guy who receives an email from his old college roommate on his birthday. Of course he opens the email, only to be on the receiving end of top secret information encrypted in pictures and clips. He doesn't know he has just had all the NSA and CIA's intel downloaded directly to his brain. That was pretty much the pilot. It is as if Jim Halpert were a computer nerd who lived with his sister in L.A. suddenly becoming Sydney Bristow's top priority, while being pursued by evil SuperSoldier Noel Rrrroar from The X-Files (seriously, the actor that plays the NSA baddie IS the guy that played Noel Rrroar!). Zachary Levi (last seen as Kip in Less Than Perfect) is totally believable as the guy who "is working on his 5-year plan, [he] just need[s] to pick a font" suddenly thrown into this crazy new world. Noel Rrroar is a laughable caricature whose character better get some finessing or will be unwatchable. The jury is still out on Sydney-lite, but I do have a soft spot for female government agents who kick trash. And she knows how to accessorize. So I would recommend checking it out at the NBC website (I think for a short time you can catch the whole pilot on the website) and see for yourself. It is a nice piece of escapism. Especially if the the sentence "Jim Halpert and Sydney Bristow team up to save the world." makes you smile. If any of you watched it, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


two forks said...

ditto to the coke with lime habit and the dark chocolate!!!

as for shows... since i got out of my depressed stupor over the oc, veronica mars and gilmore girls being canned i must say i'm super excited for house, the office, ugly betty and grey's anatomy. i'm also keeping my eye on pushing daisies!

Heather said...

I did happen to watch Chuck last night. I wasn't really planning on it but I needed an excuse to fold the clothes that were on the couch. Anyway, I really liked your review.

I totally agree with the bad guy's character not really being that great. I liked 'chuck', I thought he was adorable and actually a pretty good actor. Bottom line is I thought it was entertaining. It was definitely cheesy, but it has potential I think.

speaking of cheese, I just had two items from the taco bell menu and I think I'm going to be sick.

2 days, 6 hours and 48 minutes to go.

Scully said...

Two Forks, I kind of gave up on VM after the second season so I didn't feel too badly about it leaving. I gave up on GG after the Luke/Lorelei break-up (which made me angry) and because I hated the Logan/Rory romance. But I watched the series finale and thought they ended it perfectly. Haven't ever watched GA or UB since they used to conflict with The Office and Supernatural and I haven't yet entered the DVR world

Heather - hope you didn't get too ill from Taco Bell. And I find I enjoy a little cheese w/ my television viewing. It is really one of the only ways I can enjoy cheese. I'll stick with Chuck for a little while longer, simply because I like Chuck and the actor who plays him. He is like my crutch to make it from Jim-fix to Jim-fix!

cherbear said...

The actor who plays Chuck is a hottie. I watched that Reaper show last night. Not too bad. Shouldn't really be an hour long. It took 30 min. to get better. Of course with BabyBear, I've got hardly any time to watch TV anymore. I watched Reaper in bits and pieces.