19 September 2007

The Wishlist

When I was in Utah several weeks ago, the lovel ZB asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I really had no reply. I've spent a lot of time lately focusing on what needs to be done and haven't thought much about what I want. Plus, all my dreams came true when The Accidental Housewife and Mr. Big gave me a plane ticket and free room and board for a week in CA. What more could a girl want? Well, I did some thinking and here is my birthday wishlist. Not that I expect anything, but since my brother Mime has proved that if you tell the universe what you want, sometimes it listens. Especially to him. (For those of you who don't know Mime personally, he has the luck of the Irish. Even as a kid, he ALWAYS won stuff. Today is no different, as he walks into The Store That Shall Not Be Named and wins a Nintendo Wii and finds internships that pay $16.90/hour). So this wishlist is mostly for the universe and represents no implication that I in anyway expect something from you lovely readers, because I would be completely mortified if anybody took it that way.

The Wishlist:
  • The Office Season 3 DVDs
  • A nice, reliable watch that goes with everything. Something like this only, you know, affordable.
  • I realize this is completely contrary to this experience we call life, but I would really like to know that I have a secure future. I would like to know that I will be able to progress toward a real career, rather than be stuck in a series of dead-end, menial jobs that get me nowhere.
  • Mary Kay Satin Lips lip balm. This is the best lip balm ever and it lasts and lasts. I love it.
  • an iPod. I have a the iPod Shuffle, which is great for workouts etc., but not so much for creating a portable music collection. In black, of course.
  • I would like to have friends that lived in the same zip code as I. All my bestest friends live two or three states away and it is turning me into an internet junkie.
  • One of those iTunes cards. I'm afraid that if I just went searching on iTunes with my debit card, I would bankrupt myself shortly. It would be good to go crazy, within a limit. Also, it would make me much more discerning.
  • North & South, both the DVD and the book. I'm totally obsessed with the story now.
  • Someone to flirt with. Preferrably tall, dark, and British.
  • The Suit from Banana Republic.
  • My secret trust fund. I know it is out there somewhere. It would be a perfect birthday gift.
  • One of these to go about town in. I'm sure it would help with the London withdrawls I go through this time each year.
There you have it, dear readers. The universe can start working on this list post-haste. And you all should start making your own lists to submit to the universe. If my brother can do it, so can we!


cherbear said...

I found North and South online and I'm currently reading it in my spare time at work. It's a wonderful way to spend those boring hours at work while wondering when they are going to cut my hours. I love the book. I'm halfway done!! Can't wait for the other half!

esperanza said...

I'm glad you made a wish list, I was thiking to myself what on earth I should get you for your b-day!

ZB said...

Love the wish list idea. The nice thing about your wish list is that some of it (notice I put "some") is totally do-able. I wouldn't be surprised if some of that stuff just showed up on your door step!---from the universe of course.

Duludes said...

Well I actually got your present a few weeks ago. I was at Target saw it and it screamed your name. Im so bad at keeping secrets when it comes to gifts. But I thought oh I won't have a problem because she dosn't live in the same town and on and on. But then you had to post a blog about it. I will refraine from telling you. You will just come visit me and then you will get it. Yeah how exciting. If you want a clue give me a call.

Scully said...

Duludes, I love surprises! I can't wait until you get back from TN and we can get together! When are you going/returning etc?

Panini said...

A smart car! ;) I saw one of those in Logan last week and my jaw dropped. Call it to you, baby!

Laura said...

Hey Scully...It's been a while since we've been in touch (going on 5 years I think), but was wondering if you could give me your email again, since hotmail so nicely cleaned out my account after 30 days of non-use a while back.

Laura Mangel (think back to the Barlow Center and Prof. Hyer's capstone class)