26 September 2007

Coke & Lime 1, Scully 0

I succumbed to the genius that is the Coke & Lime this afternoon after a valiant struggle of three and a half days. The past three and half days have not been pretty. I have not been happy. I have been exhausted and miserable and plagued by a nasty headache and neckache. And after the post-Institute existential crisis I enjoyed last night, followed by a morning of work issues, I felt I couldn’t face the County Courthouse without one. One day at a time, right? Although, after depressing myself with calculating that most of the Institute attendees had been in kindergarten when I was sitting in the exact same room my first year of Seminary, and that after 14 years I had ended up back where I started, possibly in the exact same desk, I doubt I’ll be returning to Institute. But like Parker said, “A for effort.” And like Scarlett said, “Tomorrow is another day.”


two forks said...

once again, nothing wrong with the coke and the lime... EMBRACE it!!

Heather said...

Easy home girl.. I hardly think you're back where you started.. you've done A LOT in between and have lots to show for it... your keen fashion sense for one :)

And I agree with two forks.. embrace the coke and lime.. I eat chocolate EVERY DAY even though it gives me big time headaches too most days. What's wrong with us!!

definite A for effort.

3 hours and 10 minutes to go..
(I don't have a second hand.. but seeing as how my clock just changed to 4:50.. it's probably somewhere around 34 seconds by now)

Katie said...

I agree with Heather! Well said!

aquamarine said...

Heather is spot on. I couldn't have said it better myself!!