17 May 2007

Ten Quirks

Lovely ZB outlined her ten(ish) quirks on her blog today and since I can't think of anything good to write about except how excited/sad I am about The Office season finale tonight I thought I would accept her invitation to do the same. So here are ten quirks you may or may not know about me.

1. I like it when people's names are symmetrical, as in the first and last names have the same, or nearly the same, amount of letters in them. For instance, I find the names George Clooney or Michael Vartan infinitely more aesthetically pleasing than John Krasinski. I find the balance soothing, I guess.

2. I am normally find country music grating and not a little annoying. However, when I am sad or depressed or sick, I watch CMT. I have no idea why, but it makes me feel better.

3. When I eat candies like M&Ms or Skittles, I organize them in a pyramid according to color. Like the bottom row is purple, the next red, the next green etc. The order depends on how many of each color I get in a handful.

4. I hate using other people's bathrooms. Whether they be at work, at someone's home, or a public facility I absolutely hate it. Maybe it is a fear of being walked in on at my most vulnerable, maybe it is my latent germaphobia, I don't know. But I hate using them.

5. The smell of hospitals makes me nauseous.

6. I believe that someday soon one of my TV boyfriends will sweep me off my feet after falling madly in love with me, thus solving all my problems. Really.

7. I don't like red meat, but the smell of pot roast makes my mouth water.

8. For someone who has wonderful parents, great friends, and in general a good life, I have a lot of rage issues.

9. All I did for the first couple of years I lived in Salt Lake was complain about living there. And now that I don't, I miss it.

10. I still have dreams about people I knew in high school and about boys I crushed on over seven years ago.


blackjazz said...

Re: item 4. You may find this BBC article interesting. I think you're not alone...


ZB said...

Scully...I had no idea about the pot roast thing! I think that's really hilarious.

Had Parker over for dinner. We missed you!

Miss Parker said...

Ahhh, the name symmetry. Good times.