28 May 2007

Movie Review

My brother and his wife were in town this weekend and my mother was feeling well enough to have an adventure, so we decided to go see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. I was a little skeptical, as I had not liked some of the plot developments in the second installment, but I will always pay good money to see Johnny Depp in eyeliner. Here are the highlights and the lowlights.

The Highlights:

The aforementioned Mr. Depp in eyeliner.

The Surrealist touches inspired more by avant garde filmmaking, rather than any blockbuster formula.

The continued piratization of Will Turner, to the point that he resembled nothing so much as Captain Jack Sparrow's younger brother. In eyeliner.

The kick-trash female roles. Do NOT mess with a woman scorned.

Good triumphed over evil.

There were casualties on both sides while good did the triumphing over evil.

The Lowlights:

Actually, there really wasn't much I didn't like about this movie. When I first heard it was somewhere around 2 hours and 45 minutes, I thought it rather excessive. But it didn't seem long whilst sitting in the theater.

I know some people were complaining about the ending as we left the theater, but I liked the ending. It wrapped it up enough that if this is the end, it works. But it left enough of an opening that should the money made on this movie inspire them to do another, there needn't be any contrivances to get the story started again.

All in all, the movie was bittersweet, just what you want in what might be the end of a beloved series. And I say it is totally worth the $8.00 to see it. Especially if you like men in eyeliner.


ZB said...

Well, I'm glad that you liked it. I've heard good and bad on both ends. I'm sure I'll enjoy it enough (when I pay $1 ---in about 4 months). I'm easily entertained and of course HY won't be with us. So the fact that it will be a "date" will make it great.

esperanza said...

I do like men in eyeliner! :) LOL. I have heard way mixed reviews on this film, I'm glad you gave it a good one!

Scully said...

If you go in wanting Disney's patented happily ever after, you won't be pleased. Also, I prefer avant garde surrealism and absurdity to special effects and actions scenes (although there are plenty of both in there)so it pleased me. I'm sure it didn't please the majority of viewers, but I enjoyed it.

Katie said...

I hated the ending. Chad and I went to see it with his mom, dad, and brother. We rewrote the ending on the car ride home :) I agree, though, good movie. Who doesn't like Mr. Depp in eyeliner?

cherbear said...

What man doesn't look good in eyeliner? Sometimes it looks like my husband is wearing it but he's not. It's awesome. And he has long eyelashes too which is a plus in my book. My husband saw it and said he liked it better than part two so I think I'll like it once I see it. I saw the last two the day they came out but wasn't up for it this time what with taking care of BabyBear and all.

Jared said...

It had to many holes in the plot. I mean it all makes sense but wasnt the movie title 'At Worlds End' they only went to the end of the world for like 30 mins of the movie. The ending was bad because they might make a 4th one now because thats what Disney does, make sequels and more sequels.

The best part of the Pirates Series is the music which i can now play on my violin. Love It.

Anonymous said...

Totally was not a fan of the plot, length, or ending, but there were/are extenuating circumstances. Am always a fan of the various eye candies, though.


blackjazz said...

When I heard that Keith Richards was in it, I was worried that there might be something silly in the plot to engineer this, but it was done well.

There were too many twists in the plot to sort out who was really trying to do what and why. I guess that was deliberate and I'll have to just put that down to "pirates" or get the DVD and try to untangle it then.

Overall I liked it too.

cherbear said...

Keith Richards? That is cause for concern. Glad it came out better than expected. I like the music also. It's very well done. I'm sure it sounds cool on the violin too!

Scully said...

I forgot I wanted to mention how perfect the Keith Richards cameo was. I thought it was quite subtle, actually. And fun.