01 February 2008

Things That Are Good

I have a great tendency to be negative or maudlin or grouchy or a plethora of other non-joyful words. In fact, looking through past posts, I fear I come across as a bit of a grump. Which I don't think I am. So I thought I would mention all the wonderful things about the past week.
  • I got my car statement and figured out I only have 5 more months until it is paid off, a full 14 months in advance. (Thanks for not charging me rent, Dad!)
  • It was 30 degrees outside when I drove to work yesterday, not 3.
  • The sun shone and the snow started to melt.
  • The vehicle I drive to and from the County Seat everyday has a temperture read-out. Yesterday it read 43 degrees, a full 22 degrees warmer than the day before.
  • Yesterday was payday.
  • I got my W-2 and can now do my taxes. I am expecting a more respectable refund than last year's $70.00
  • Supernatural was back on, the first of four new episodes that will probably be all we get for this season. I hadn't realized how much I missed the show. Please everyone watch Supernatural on Thursdays instead of Lost so it doesn't get cancelled. Because that would be a shame.
  • I caught the pilot of a new show called Eli Stone, which not only has its main character hallucinating about George Michaels, but also has Victor Garber (aka SpyDaddy)! And he is doing what he does best, playing an ethically gray character who is vaguely threatening but also vaguely adorable.
So, happy Fridays all around!


ZB said...

I fully understand the blessing of it being only 30 degrees. Horray about the car payments.

And for the record...I don't think that you are a grouch of any sort!--

Saxon said...

they've jsut started showing the new series of supernatural in the UK. It's great in a doesn't take itself too seriousily sometimes kind of way

cherbear said...

Does it count if you DVR the episode and watch later?