16 December 2005

OCD Like That

Recently, I became disenchanted with the radio station I usually listen to at work. There are already a limited amount of ‘work-appropriate’ non-country radio stations to choose from. And I absolutely hate shuffling between radio stations on the manual tuner alarm clock that sits on my desk. So I registered for LAUNCHcast streaming radio from Yahoo. It is free and allows one to create a personalized station. I thought it was the answer to my work-time music woes.

In adding variety and personal choice to my music options, it is a dream. But there is also a dark side. See, the program allows you to rate songs, artists, and the albums from which the songs come. Which is great for crafting my own personal play list, but it really exacerbates my OCD tendencies. There is such pressure in deciding which rating, from ‘Do Not Play Again’ through ‘Can’t Get Enough’ applies to each song. Is it too harsh to judge an artist by one song? If I hate the song, should I still give an unknown artist an ‘It’s OK’ just in case they might have another song I could love? Will the unknown Powers That Be laugh when I profess my love for Bowling For Soup, while giving a classic Eric Clapton song an ‘It’s OK?’ Can I really 'Not Get Enough' of any song or artist, or does that just mean it becomes part of the permanent rotation? Some days, I just can’t deal with the pressure and have to resort to the listening to the old radio station while I alphabetize my Post-It notes and organize my M&Ms into color-coded pyramids before I eat them.


cherbear said...

I love Launch cast! I usually just listen to the 80's alternative station and that pretty much covers it. I tried that personlize stations thing and it's too much trouble. I listen to the videos when there is a certain song I want to hear, since the video menu lets you choose which one you want. If I get tired of that, I resort back to the old Windows Media Player. Aren't computers great!!

SJ said...

You could always tune in to NPR and feed your brain...or KRCL, they've always got a random music assortment in the afternoons.

Esperanza said...

LOL. Ah, the problems of the 21st century!

aquamarine said...

This portraits such a funny picture, Scully..LOL.

I think I have forgotten what 'music' sounds like? Unless of course you are talking The Sound of Music, Primary songs, etc. Haven't had to much exposure with the other stuff in about 5 years. heheh

Scully said...

SJ, I can't really listen to NPR, because the rage I experience when I hear anything related to our current administration would probably end in the destruction of company property. And I've tried KBYU for classical, but I find it much easier to fall asleep!

Anonymous said...

What the President's new admission of spying on your radio sight does not make you happy to be a part of this great party system?

I see an editor and liner writer in the making...if scully will stop over anaylazing or analacies.

The pressure to be less than the perfect OCD carrier is much to much for some of us.