21 November 2005

Fire Alarms, Fantasy, and Family

The past weekend was one long string of Events, planned and unplanned. On Friday night I baby-sat for my friend Z’s four month old son Jr. while she and her husband went to see a local production of Camelot. My roommate, Miss Parker, had no plans that evening, so it was a team effort. The evening progressed without incident until our building’s fire alarm went off. Apparently someone down the hall had left something on the stove. I didn’t think there was any real danger, but there was the added stress of caring for someone else’s most prized possession. Mixed with the stress was a large amount of humor. For Miss Parker and I had, again, managed to unknowingly dress exactly alike that morning in matching black turtlenecks and jeans. So, as we left the building carrying a baby, a toy, and keys (having forgotten important items like a blanket and the cell phone) and wearing matching outfits, we ran into our alternative-lifestyle neighbors who were carrying their beagle puppy much like Miss Parker was carrying Jr. We hurried to my car, pausing only to inform a girl on her balcony that the alarm and the two fire trucks in the parking lot did indeed mean there was a fire. Luckily no one was harmed and the only result was a floor that smells of smoke.

Saturday was the day, after weeks of email scheduling, that Esperanza, Panini, Mrs. W, Mrs. L, and I were going to see Pride & Prejudice. It was quite a production just getting everyone there and in their seats. Which, due to the production of getting to the theater, were in the front row. We had gone in fully expecting it to compare poorly with our beloved 1995 BBC production starring one Mr. Colin Firth. This version fared quite well in the comparison and if Esperanza’s reaction is any indication, Colin Firth might have a run for his money in the “Favorite Mr. Darcy” contest. Although, the lack of a pond-swimming scene was universally mourned by all involved as we enjoyed dinner afterward.

Sunday was a Family Event. My cousin C recently turned 16 and we engaged in all the celebration that accompanies that event in an LDS family. There was the driving, and the first date, and the new religious responsibilities. Plus the requisite roast dinner. My parents had traveled down early for Thanksgiving, my brother Mime and The Future Mrs. Mime stopped in on their way back to their college after visiting The Future Mrs. Mime’s family. There was minor family drama, but I was still sad to have to leave, to return to my weekday life. And if truth be told, I listened to a bit of Christmas music on the way home in the hopes of cheering myself up.


aquamarine said...

I used Christmas music for therapy this weekend too. Funny how something so simple can be so relieving.

Scully said...

I think because it reminds us of joy, of a simpler time when we danced around to 'Mele Kalikimaka' in our footie pajamas, when Santa Claus watched over us, when Charlie Brown's tree magically became beautiful, when dreams always came true.

cherbear said...

Love the fire alarm story. It figures that on that day of all days, the alternative lifestyle people saw you two.

I rocked out to Harry Connick Jr.'s Christmas CD a couple of weeks ago at work at lunchtime... while no one was around!

Panini said...

What a lovely time we had too!! :) I went and saw it again, and again we were late...but this time I got to be 4 rows back and that was very nice.

Esperanza said...

Yeah, I think the new Mr. Darcy, is defininetly--maybe a tie? with the old Mr. Darcy? He was soooo hot. I didn't stop smiling for about 4 days, and eveyone I talked to at church, and my visit-teach-ees, and visiting teacher, and hometeacher who all came over that weekend, got my ear-full of a good review of the movie!