22 November 2008

My Very First Angry Letter

Technically it is an angry comment. So, I was (yet again) avoiding homework and looking through my blog archives and I found that someone had, in the past year, posted an angry comment (under the name 'Anonymous') about something I had written last fall. I had written about a girl in my Mia Maid class who was a) new b) home-schooled and c) a big fan of LDS romance novels. The post is here if you want to read it. Anonymous posted the following:

Wow, do you judge everyone as quickly as you judged this poor girl? No wonder she backed off and you never had a chance to get to know the "real person" inside. Who cares what she reads--does it have to be from your private reading list for it to be enjoyable? I guess she comes off looking pretty awful if you are the one who gets to set up the criteria of what is good and what is not. I think you have very strong biases and are extremely intolerant of other people's differences. Too bad you can't live in a world where everyone is exactly like you.
Now, this is exciting to me for two reasons. First, it means that someone other than my close friends and family have stumbled upon my blog and, second, it is funny. Angry letters are my favorite part of Eric Snider's website. I wonder which of my 'judgements' about this girl struck a nerve with Anonymous. Was it my opinion about home schooling? Was it my distaste for LDS romance novels? Was it the fact that I didn't share his or her opinion? Because if it is the third one, I find it completely ironic that I am judged to be extremely intolerant by this person for having an opinion other than his or hers. I also love the assumptions that I a) never got to know the girl in question and b) that I made my 'judgements' apparent to the point that said girl wouldn't want to get to know me. I wonder if Anonymous still reads my blog or if it was a one-time deal. Maybe it was Anita Stansfield herself. Because that would be awesome.


Cami said...

wow, that is a hateful letter. your anonymous reader is obviously
A) HOME SCHOOLED & home schooling
B) into lousy romances
C) social inept

not necessary in that order. ;)

p.s. i'm the first to comment on both posts ... neener neener (Bragging: a trait i learned in public school)

Katie said...

Ha! That is funny!

esperanza said...

LOL. Agree with Cam on this one! And that is what I tell my journalism students when someone is mad about something they wrote or took it out of context--hey, at least they are reading you! :D

aquamarine said...

Wow that comment was crazy! Anita show yourself...hahah

But really homeschool is not all bad. Cut a few of us good ones some slack, shall we, Cami.

Other than that this was freakin' hilarious.

Nemesis said...

Sounds like Anita Stansfield--if there had been a mention of someone being "independently wealthy" then I think that would have cinched it for me.

Heather said...

Here fishy fishy :)

ZB said...

I admit..it was ME!

No, never. I own all the rude things I say and I love you way too much to have "judged you"...Seriously, take it as a compliment. You are getting out there...speaking to the people!