15 November 2008

It's All About The Sexy Swagger

We all know I'm a raging Anglophile. That is no secret. That I am also a fan of the James Bond franchise shouldn't be a surprise either. I was very, very skeptical of the casting of Daniel Craig as James Bond but found the reboot that was Casino Royale to be wicked awesome and Mr. Craig to be this generation's Steve McQueen (Seriously, Google image search them both. They could be father & son). So I was breathlessly anticipating Quantum of Solace. I was a little worried after reading some critics' responses to the film. But I shouldn't have been. It is also wicked awesome. Sure, it lacked some of the emotional depth that Casino Royale had, but it wasn't like there wasn't ANY emotional development. Additionally, I thought it spoke volumes about Bond himself, that he was becoming a violent automaton after the events of Casino Royale. Additionally, the Bond girls were beautiful, but that didn't undermine the intelligence they were supposed to have, unlike the unfortunate Denise Richards' attempt in The World Is Not Enough. But what I really meant to say here, is that Mr. Craig has perfected the sexy swagger. The man can be trudging his way across a Bolivian desert after surviving a plane crash and HE STILL MANAGES TO LOOK DEAD SEXY AND TOTALLY COOL DOING IT. That is a gift, my friends. This picture doesn't really do it justice. You'll have to go see the film.

Also, if the universe is at all just, I will some day drive an Aston Martin. Oh, and the new song isn't half bad either.  I raised an eyebrow about pairing Jack White and Alicia Keys but it actually works.


Jared Jensen said...

The White Stripes are one of my favorite bands, and i usually hate Alicia Keys...But together they work wonders.

Cami said...

agreed. the movie was great! really fun - and i love the song.

Heather said...

Oh! I'm so jealous. I really wanted to go see this weekend, but the thought of the crowds make me decide to wait a week or two. I'm DYING to see it.

I quite like Daniel Craig.. mmm mmm

You don't have very high expectations of the universe do you? An Astin Martin? Surely you jest. That would be.. well, there are no words

Scully said...

Well, I didn't say I would OWN said Aston Martin, just that I would get to drive one. Which means I should really learn how to drive a manual transmission. And yes, Daniel Craig is way yummy. Finally, Heather, I totally wish we could have gone together - it was those many, many slumber parties at your house where my Bond addiction began. Good ol' Sean Connery and Roger Moore! Oh, and if I actually get to drive the Aston Martin, you are totally in the passenger seat. I promise not to accidentally eject you or anything!

aquamarine said...

I gotta get me some of that sexy swagger I think. ;) Redbox will be stormed once Bond gets there.