23 May 2008

For Those Few Of You Still Following The Democratic Primaries

 I was going to post this earlier in the week, but I got busy and forgot. This had me laughing out loud when I saw it on Saturday Night Live last weekend. Enjoy!


Heather said...

I saw this also.. it is priceless.

because... I deserve this! Ha.

ZB said...

That's awesome. Even Farmboy got up from his seat to come check it out.

BTW: Something suspicious came in my mail....and..


I had no idea there were that many cool things on one CD. YOU are

esperanza said...

Wow. That is all that I have to say about it!

Scully said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it ZB. Parker and I are in the initial stages of planning something fun for the premiere of the movie, so keep July 25th open!

And this video is why I still sacrifice sleep to watch SNL. When they get it right, they are hilarious.