14 May 2008

At the Moment

Things That I'm Happy About Today:
  • Getting into grad school, obviously. (Many thanks for all your congratulations and support!)
  • All the TV network 'upfronts' (where networks preview the coming season for advertisers) coverage at TWoP from which I learn awesome things like:
  • ABC picked up Scrubs for a final season after NBC unceremoniously dumped the show AND
  • Supernatural is coming back! I don't think I could survive the week without a dose of Dean Winchester.
  • Only 16 more days and my dad & I will be winging our way down to sunny CA to visit The Accidental Housewife and Mr. Big AND be introduced to The Peanut.  Yay!
  • I successfully cooked a medium-rare steak for my dad's birthday dinner last night.  And he said it was perfect.  He might be biased, but it did look like the picture, so I'm pleased.
  • I got my government stimulus payment from the IRS today. Which will be going directly into the savings account, thus utterly defeating the intended purpose of said payment, which is why I didn't think it was the best idea when I first heard about it.  But hey, I have $600 more than I did yesterday, so I can't complain.

Things I'm Not Quite So Thrilled About
  • All the things on my To Do list now that I have been accepted to grad school. Like figuring out how to pay for it and figuring out the living situation by determining whether or not to live by myself and if so how much rent per month I can afford and if not how to find non-psycho roommates over the age of 25. And after all that actually trying to find an apartment that meets all those conditions.  Ack!
  • ABC won't be airing the new episodes of Scrubs until mid-season next year, which means February-ish 2009.  That is a long time to wait for a new Dr. Cox rant.
  • The weather people telling me it is going to be over 90 degrees by Saturday.  Ick!
  • My capitulating to reason and moderation and not buying these 
    at Target on Saturday.  I haven't been able to stop thinking about them since.  I guess that is what Target.com is for, no?
  • I was the only one who showed up at book club last night.  And the woman hosting hadn't read the book, yet I was stuck there making small talk for an hour.
  • Tomorrow night is The Office season finale.  Good thing I haven't cracked open my Season 3 DVDs yet.  I'll have something to get me through the summer.


esperanza said...

Buy the shoes! Make that $600 of economic stimulus $570! :) Also, what book was it that nobody read?

Scully said...

"The Ghost Map" by Steven Johnson.

Heather said...

I agree about the shoes.. why the 'H' not! :)

Sounds like a lot of big decisions coming up.. but it's all very exciting and it will all work out. I know it. Good luck.

Happy Birthday Daddy#2!! and Congrats on a perfectly cooked stake.. that's hard to do (for me anyway)!

cherbear said...

Get the shoes! I want them myself! Good job on the steak! What kind was it and how did you do it? I can't cook steak to save my life!! THough I am getting better.

ZB said...

Darling shoes. Did you know that Payless has American Eagle shoes? And they are comfortable. I had no idea until Monday! I'm probably the last to know.

As for the stimulus package...Farmboy and I committed to spending some of it frivolously.So, we feel we are doing "our part"...

Anonymous said...

Scully, I totally have those shoes. And the brown ones too. They run small, so get a half size up. ;)


Treat Queen said...

I like the shoes.
Have fun in CA. How long are you going to be down there? I'm coming down for a weekend. Maybe I could see you.

Heather said...

HA! I just noticed that I spelled Steak "stake"!.. I've been a mormon way too long!

Anonymous said...

ok question time. I am a fan of scrubs. However the past while since post strike I have been unable to watch any shows.. I thought they were over after this year.. when is ABC starting to show it? I love scrubs!

Scully said...

ABC listed Scrubs as a mid-season replacement, which means it should be back around Jan/Feb 09. Unless one of their other shows tank and they need to air something in its place. Several sources say they started filming new episodes before the hiatus, so they should be ready to go whenever ABC needs them.