31 July 2007

5 Signs Scully Is Completely Frazzled

1. It takes 24 oz. of Dr. Pepper to get me through the day. 12 oz. in the morning and then 12 more on the way back from the County Courthouse after doing the day's recordings for work. There is a Dr. Pepper machine outside the County Auditor's office that hums the siren-song of caffienated beverages and I just can't say no to happiness-in-a-can for a mere $0.55. And ZB and Miss Parker were right, Dr. Pepper is better from a can. And as a rule, I don't even like soda from a can.

2. I excitedly ordered the book North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell from Amazon.com last week. I anxiously tracked its every move via their website. What I got today in the mail was not North & South, but rather a book called Cranford by the same author, a book of which I had never heard, but had accidentally ordered, rather than North & South. Now I have to wait for my refund (minus shipping fees) to kick in before I can order the right book. I have no idea how I missed the fact that I ordered the wrong book when I a) perused my cart before checking out and b) checked the tracking daily, but I did. What an eye for detail!

3. All I ever want to do is sleep. I know I cannot sleep during my lunch hour, or when I get home from work, or in the morning while I read my scriptures, or in the shower, or while sitting at my desk, or while waiting in line at the County Treasurer's office, but that is what I really want to do. I want to sleep 20 hours a day, despite getting what feels like a good night's sleep every night from 10 pm to 6 am. But I long for the sweet oblivion of sleep All. The. Time.

4. I have started to eat whatever is put in front of me. Since I get home from work last and Mime and Mrs. Mime are on break, they pretty much do the cooking. Today, I ate a hamburger. Last week I had 3 bites of a pork chop. Yeah, I know!

5. I'm too exhausted to give in to the constant temptation to go to the drug store and buy some hair dye. I haven't dyed my hair since October and I miss my auburn locks. My hair has almost completely reverted to its indecisive red/blonde/brown mixture that is not distinctive at all. And considering my hair is a mere 2 inches from the top of my bra strap, it would look stunning in a shade of auburn. But, alas, I can't drag myself to the drug store and make a decision about color. Which might be a good thing, seeing as how I should really find a stylist to do it.


Nemesis said...

While you're waiting for North & South to arrive, you can always read it online through someplace Project Gutenberg (N&S is in the public domain).

Also, if you thought John Thornton was hot in the movie, just wait till you read him in the book.

Scully said...

That is what I keep hearing, Nem. I was so looking forward to taking N&S on the plane to Michigan this weekend. I'll have to content myself with dragging Harry Potter 7 along, although it might weigh more than my suitcase. Although it might be a blessing in disguise, seeing as how I might not be able to control my squeals of delight while reading about John Thornton and picturing Richard Armitage and I never, ever want to be the craziest person on a plane.

CherBear said...

It was probably Amazon's goof. They probably realized after you ordered it that it actually wasn't in stock and instead of letting you know, they figured that another book by the same author would suffice.

Yes, DP is wonderful. I remember one time I was at Pizza Hut and the waiter came to get our drink order and I was wearing my DP shirt and applying my DP chapstick and I'm sure the waiter knew I was gonna order DP. Obsess much?

ZB said...

I remember the very first Dr. Pepper I ever drank...I felt like a rebel! It was great.