01 August 2007

Things That Are Wicked Awesome

Seeing as how I'll be out of town for the next 4 days and will be unable to obsessively check to see how many people like me, I thought I would leave you with a few things that made my day.

Getting rid of my Utah license. I have a Washington drivers license again. I didn't have to take a test to get it, either. In fact, because I used to have a Washington license AND I took Driver's Ed in Washington, I didn't have to show any supporting documents or do anything more than take an eye test. Which I passed, even though I think I had my contacts in the wrong eyes today.

Finding out I got a raise. I opened my paycheck today and the stub told me I had received a $0.75/hour raise. My first instinct was to call the woman who does payroll to correct the mistake, but then I remembered that the payrol is checked by at least two people, so it is a real raise. And I didn't even know about it.

Only buying gasoline once a month. Because I only drive around my small little town, maybe going out of town once a month, I only have to fill up my car's tank once a month. My monthly fuel budget is under $30.

Having a 5 day weekend. Even though at least 16 hours during that 5 day weekend will be spent on airplanes or in airports, I am still looking forward to not having to go into the office for 5 consecutive days. Huzzah!

Technically being paid to read a book. I had to sit and wait at the County Courthouse for an hour today while various people argued over whether or not a deal could close and documents could record, so I was being paid (my new, $0.75 more per hour, rate) to sit under a tree and read A.S. Byatt's Possession: A Reader's Guide which I have been wanting to read forever and finally, through the generosity of some truly lovely friends, got from Amazon.com. It is completely interesting and I would recommend it to anyone who has read Possession: A Romance, because that is one dense book, and there is no way one can pick up all the references and theory in it. And I got to read it on the clock. I believe the words you are looking for are 'wicked awesome.' Have a great weekend!


Duludes said...

Scully- have fun visiting your family in Michigan. I will be thinking of you tomarrow as im in the Banana Republic outlet store. Im jealous of your gas budget for the month. Congrats on the raise. Have a great 5 days away from the office.

cherbear said...

Oh boy. I've had contacts in the wrong eyes before. Makes a big difference when one eye has an astigmatism and the other doesn't. But now they both have astigmatisms so I've opted to not get contacts anymore. I don't know how you do it.

I love getting paid for doing non work related things, like doing important IMDB research (as my coworker and I have dubbed surfing the web). I'm not sure how long we can keep this up though. If business doesn't pick up soon, I may have to find another job. I guess maybe I should take the CBEST so I can teach school if the times require it.

Miss Parker said...

Ok, I love that you had the contacts in the wrong eyes. Heeeee. And that suit? Hot.

esperanza said...

You'll have to tell me how the reader's guide goes! Let me know what little extra things I should have gotten out of the book but didn't catch on to! And have fun on your 5 day weekend!

ZB said...

Trading in the Utah license---can I get a hip hip horray? Plus now the Utah licenses are pink---er um "samon" as the man at the DMV corrected me. You are definitely worth a raise. Congradulations. Hope your vacation is the most fun!

cherbear said...

That suit is HOT. I guess since you've got a raise now you can save that up to get the suit ;)

two forks said...

i love your last one! i was actually paid to shop a few weeks ago!