16 July 2007

As If!

The following events of the past few weeks have conspired to make me feel old:
  • ChattyCathy, the receptionist at work, majorly stressing about being single, childless and turning 26 at the end of the month. Yes, you read that right, 26. She is seriously concerned about it, which makes me roll my eyes and tell her to stop it, because I'm 3 months from 29.
  • Playing a Getting-To-Know-You game at a Young Women's activity on Wednesday and seeing 8 blank faces when I tell them my She-Ra action figures were my favorite toy as a child. They also have no idea who He-Man, the Thundercats, or Jem (She's Totally Outrageous!) are. My 21 year-old sister-in-law has no idea who Jem is either.
  • Getting excited enough to dance on Friday because I got my insurance card and could make an appointment with the optometrist. Yeah, I know.
  • Standing in line at Wal-Mart (I hate this store with the passion of a thousand fiery suns, but it is all my little town has) for 20 minutes and all the while mentally grousing about all the underdressed people. Wearing something that looks like a glorified bathing suit and/or pajamas is not acceptable. At All.
  • Not bothering to go see the new Harry Potter movie for at least a week because I don't want to deal with the crowds.
Please tell me this is not the beginning of the end. I haven't even seen Paris yet! Paris, France that is, not the skank that is ruining America and corrupting our youth.


two forks said...

i knew i was in trouble when my young women had no idea what i was talking about when i mentioned ricks... and i knew my friend was dreadfully younger than me (by 5 years) when she also didn't know who jem was. she acted like I was the crazy one! as if!!! i am perfectly sane and perfectly still bitter that my granny got me barbie and the rockers INSTEAD of jem. as if!

Panini said...

How can they not know She-Ra and Jem! What!? oh geez.
It's not the beginning of the end - you've simply learned the virtues of patience and good breeding. I'm still working on them myself - but I can admire them in others. :)

Treat Queen said...

If those things are making you feel old, I felt that way for three years, and I'm younger than you. Instead of feeling old because they don't know who She-Ra and Jem are (btw I had a t-shirt signed by Barbie and the Rockers, but I watched both), you should feel bad for them because they don't have any good cartoons. Saturday morning cartoons suck currently, and I've taken to buying the old cartoons I used to watch because they are so much better than what is on now.
I hate the glorified bathing suit/pajama look. Why would you go out looking like you just got out of bed?
And I haven't seen Harry Potter yet either, but I hope to soon. Crowds are the worst part of movie going.
Don't feel old, feel empowered.

Miss Parker said...

Look, sooner or later there's going to be a Jem movie, a She-Ra movie, and a Barbie and the Rockers movie (if Transformers is any indication) and then they will see. Truly outrageous! And I'm going to be Jem, btw. Hee.

aquamarine said...

She-ra and He-man rock!!! Good times, good shows. ;) But I think the reason you feel old is that 20 minute stand in Wal-mart. IT is like cryptonite for the youthful.

Scully said...

It did suck the life out of me, Aquamarine. I try not to go there if at all possible, but sometimes Rite Aid and Safeway don't have what I need and I must face the Evilness. I so wish we had a Target. Also, confession, I never actually saw Jem because it was on opposite He-Man and my brother got to watch that. But I SO wished I could watch it. And Parker I think you would lovely with pink hair.

ZB said...

The other day, Farmboy told me that his secret is that he was really born in 1982! That was SO not funny. You'll see Paris...plan on it.

cherbear said...

It still amazes me that I don't spontaneously combust every time I set foot into that store. Which is more often than normal since the nearby grocery store I normally go to sells crappy and recalled meat and crappy veggies and rice with bugs in the bag. And they sell sour milk or powdered milk in the regular milk cartons. And walmart is near target here so I usually go to both places. The sam's club here is nice but I'm still contemplating whether it is worth the 40 dollar club membership since I'll end up spending way too much and come out with nothing really.

blackjazz said...

Trust me... you're not old until it's a real struggle to put socks on your own feet.