30 November 2007

All About Me

Recently I have been tagged by a couple of people, so I'm going to just overload you all with information about me. I'm sure you are overcome with anticipation.

Five Things I Was Doing Ten Years Ago:
  • Embarking on the first of many Major changes from Civil Engineering to Anthropology.
  • Sleeping beneath a gargantuan poster of George Clooney in a tux from the Batman & Robin movie. Really the only good thing to come out of that film. I think I still have the poster somewhere.
  • Dealing with a positively raunchy Psych 101 professor. It was his last semester teaching the class, he delighted in shocking BYU freshman, and he was retiring at the end of the year.
  • Re-adopting the word "ya'll" into my vocabulary. I had three roommates from Texas.
  • Exploring the joys of NBC on Thursday nights, from Seinfeld to ER.
Five Things I've Read Recently
  • The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion for the third time. This time it was for book club.
  • Mary Poppins by P.L. Travers, also for book club.
  • North & South by Elizabeth Glaskell.
  • An untold number of horrible GRE prep manuals. I wish I could talk my father into letting me burn them in the fire place.
  • An embarrassingly high number of fashion and entertainment mags.
Five Favorite Possessions
  • My wonderful, wonderful bed in all its pillow-topped glory. Should I ever manage the impossible and find a husband, we will have to get a much bigger bed since I usually sleep diagonally and take up my entire queen-sized mattress.
  • My computer, because it holds my entire music collection and all the content and photos I've collected for the FBL AND it brings me the lovely internet on which I spend entirely too much time. I can't imagine how brilliant it will be when I get the Macbook Pro I've been drooling over for 3 years.
  • My Netflix account. It would make the list for bringing me the gorgeous literary adaptation North & South alone, but the fact that it can also bring me heretofore unexplored hours of pretty much everyone in the FBL is like frosting on a decadent chocolate cake.
  • My passport. Even though it tragically only has one stamp in it, just taking it out and looking at it reminds me of the possibility of travel.
  • My library card. Even though this little rural library is nothing compared to my beloved Salt Lake City Public Library, it does help me stay sane.
Five Things I'd Do if I Were a Millionaire
  • Get my dad a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
  • Buy a lovely place in London and spend my days seeing all the plays I keep reading about, Like Sir Ian McKlellan in King Lear and Patrick Stewart in Macbeth and next year's RSC schedule that includes both Hamlet and Love's Labour's Lost which are a couple of my faves.
  • Spend all the rest of my time traveling around the world and seeing all the marvelous things I've only read about in books.
  • Spoil my friends and relations by taking them with me on various adventures. Also, that lovely place in London would have several guest rooms. You are all invited.
  • Of course all of the above would only happen after I wisely saved, invested, or otherwise set aside a large chunk of said million(s).
Five Things I'll Never Do Again
  • Care so much about what other people think that I forget what I want.
  • Use henna to color my hair. It turned orange and I smelled like squash.
  • Step on a manhole cover. Just because it looks sealed, doesn't mean it is.
  • Stay in a job that makes me miserable just because it pays well.
  • Cut my hair shorter than chin length.
Five Things on My To-Do List
  • Balance my checkbook
  • Start Christmas shopping
  • Write Christmas cards
  • Do the dishes.
  • Do laundry.
Six Things You May Not Know About Me*
  • I can be obsessive about things. Like movies or songs or episodes of television shows in which I have to watch or listen to them repeatedly for a period of time. Right now I'm obsessed with Bob Dylan's Shelter from the Storm, Queensryche's Silent Lucidity, Regina Spektor's Samson, and the DVDs of Doctor Who.
  • I haven't practiced the piano since May and I start lessons again on Monday because my teacher is back from maternity leave. Panic is setting in.
  • I have a blanky. I have had for years and it is the best thing to wrap up in when it is cold, or I don't feel good, or I've had a bad day.
  • I'm inherently lazy. If it doesn't interest me, I put forth minimal effort.
  • I'm also inherently stubborn. My way is the best way and if you disagree that is your problem.
  • I don't feel 29. I don't feel anything like an adult and am always shocked when people treat me like one.
*Some of you, like Parker, may already know all of these, but I hope at least some of them are surprises.

The Last Ten Songs iTunes Played
  • One Flight Down by Norah Jones
  • The Chase (from The Illusionist) by Phillip Glass
  • My Ship by Miles Davis
  • Way Over Yonder by Carole King
  • Brand New Day by Forty Foot Echo
  • Fallen by Bree Sharp
  • Haunt You Every Day by Weezer
  • Stealing My Heart by The Rolling Stones
  • I'm Yours by Billie Holiday
  • Somewhere Only We Know by Keane


brie said...

Okay, I don't know you, but I was looking at other people's blogs from SLC, and your username was Scully, then you blog was called The Basement Office...and wait, wait...you HAVE to be an XF fan! Yay! I love coming across you! (Although I highly doubt you can be a bigger fan than myself. Many have tried but all have failed).

Scully said...

Brie, in college, my friends and I made not one, but two, movies based on XF scenes. That is how deep the obsession ran. Those were the same years I got the nickname Scully because of my red, bobbed hair and a penchant for wearing suits. And that was nothing compared to my roommate Miss Parker, who maintains an extensive library of all things XF, including action figures, and had a Shrine to David Duchovny that covered 3/4 of our rooom. How does that rate on your XPhile scale?

Heather said...

I think Brie has met her match! :)

And I almost laughed myself to tears when you reminded us of the manhole cover.. I almost forgot.

I did learn some new things.. I think you're fab.