12 April 2007

Four Square

ZB tagged me, so here it is:

Four Jobs I Have Had
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Plant & Soil Processor
  • Assistant Event Hostess/Server
  • Chiropractic Assistant/Receptionist
Four Movies I could Watch Over and Over
  • Charade (Actually, I could watch anything with Cary Grant or Audrey Hepburn, but they are together in this one!)
  • Rat Race (I giggle just thinking about parts of this movie!)
  • Sliding Doors (Really anything set in London is good, but this also has a fun plot.)
  • The X-Files Movie (Quelle suprise!)
Four Places I Have Lived
  • Moses Lake, Washington
  • London, England, United Kingdom
  • Washington, DC
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
Four TV Shows I Watch
  • The Office
  • House
  • Supernatural
  • Scrubs (I got addicted to the show after it was syndicated and on almost as many times a day as Seinfeld.)
Four Places I Have Gone On Vacation
  • Disneyland
  • Ayr, Scotland, United Kingdom
  • Disney World
  • Spring Lake, Michigan (Honestly, most 'vacations' I have taken in my life have been to see family, so I don't know if they actually count.)
Four Websites I Visit Daily
Four of My Favorite Foods
  • Couscous with pine nuts, chicken seared in balsamic vinegar & olive oil, and veggies of any kind.
  • Eggplant Parmesan (I can't actually eat this without making myself totally and completely ill, but I love it!)
  • Coke & Lime (it is a food, no?)
  • Guacamole (My father is appalled I eat this without even the pretense of chips!)
Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now
Four People I Tag


Anonymous said...

Dad is not "appalled" about eating guacamole without chips. Just think it is a little odd. But, after all, while in Brazil I drank a concoction of avacodo, sugar, and milk all mixed up in a blender. It was Marvelous

Scully said...

I have actually had the avocado drink before. A friend of mine made it for me. Needless to say, I liked it. Good to see you check in on me, Dad ;)

cherbear said...

On the avocado note, I like to eat them right out of their skins! I love guacamole too, but everyone here makes it too spicy (I hate heartburn!!). So I just make my own by mashing the avocado and putting lemon juice in it. And since I'm married to a Mexican boy and we have Mexican food a lot at family parties, I pretty much eat it on everything, if it's not spicy of course!!

ZB said...

Wow, there are several things on there that I didn't know. What kind of a friend am I???

Impressed that your dad is checking in on you and not surprised that he drank a concotion if you are eating guac w/out chips. You all are a bunch of weirdos. (Dad gom, I forgot to put myself as anonymous)

Scully said...

Actually, ZB, it is like a avocado milk shake and quite yummy. But if you don't like avocado to begin with, then you probably wouldn't like it. CherBear, I make my guacamole with lime juice, salt, and a small amount of salsa, but just the juice part, not the actual onions and tomatos etc. It gives it a bit of spice without being spicy. If that makes sense.

Katie said...

St. Ives...AHHHHH!

ZB said...

Okay, I like Avocados and I would probably like the shake...I mean, I've eaten some pretty wierd things. Probably that's a whole nother blog.

esperanza said...

You sound so exotic and wonderful, all healthy and interesting. I sound so "molly" in mine! ;)