12 March 2007

What Can I Accomplish In 15 Weeks?

Because that is how long I have before my ten-year high school reunion. So June 30th is now the D-Day by which I have to accomplish the following:

-- Lose the stubborn, remaining 25lbs needed to reach my goal weight.

-- Find a job, so that I can at least say I'm saving money by living with my parents.

-- Locate my inner fabulousness, so that if the previous job-acquiring doesn't happen, I can believably suggest I'm taking a sabbatical to write the Great American Novel.

-- Go through my closet and find an outfit that telegraphs my inner fabulousness and shows off the new figure I will have acquired by then.

-- Practice my poker face, so that I don't squeal with glee if I see horrid QueenBees who have put on some weight or sigh in resentment if the horrid QueenBees are still living charmed lives.

-- Somehow convince one of my single fantasy boyfriends (Ex: John Krasinski or John Stamos) to go with me.

Any wisdom to impart or advice to give to help me stay focused?


ZB said...

Oh you can do all of these in 15 weeks, perhaps less. If you need to borrow a man, I know one--but I'm not sure you'd want to be caught dead with someone of his political beliefs. Of course, going to a 10 year reunion with a married man and you aren't the one married to him has a sort of appeal to it. You'd certainly turn some heads. Or I could send the mini version of him. Let me know if I can help.

Anonymous said...

Z, ha! Or you could take my route and just not go--oh wait! My ten year reunion hasn't happened yet. Silly me.

cherbear said...

I wasn't even invited to mine so I didn't have any problems there. I'm not sure if they even had one.

esperanza said...

Yes, don't go through your closet, I say we plan a shopping trip to Seattle and all go get new outfits to show the successful, inner fabulousness!!!I hope no one will be happy I've gained weight....I don't know if I can get it off! :)

Panini said...

Down with the Queen Bees! I hope you do squeal with joy -- it's the consolation we get for being forced to tolerate their nastiness for so many years. :) And yes! new clothes!! (Take pictures for me of our whole College English Class and any DTers) ;)