23 March 2007

At Least It Is Clean

I am not yet thirty, but I have begun to question my mental acquity. Up until today it was little things, like having to write down anything I want to remember. I used to be able to just make a mental note and that was that. Now I'm lucky if I can remember what day of the week it is. I hit an all time low today. I left my cell phone in a pocket and sent it through the washing machine this morning. I didn't realize what I had done until I went looking for my phone before leaving to run errands. When I pulled it out from amongst the tangle of towels, the LCD displays were shot and it wouldn't stop vibrating. The nice lady at the Cingular store took it apart for me and said I should let it dry out for a month or two, just to see if it could be salvaged. I kind of think the spin cycle would have destroyed any prospect of reclamation, but we'll see. Thankfully the SIM card was still intact, so I switched it out with my mother's and put hers in her old phone that she likes better. So I still have a phone that works, but I lost my entire phone book and all the pictures and ringtones I had assigned to everyone. It could have been worse, but I still think I might need to look into a nursing home or something.


esperanza said...

LOL. Isn't there free replacement for that or anything???

aquamarine said...

I think I would laugh harder at this if only it hasn't been happening to my and my husband. So far I have managed to wash prescription lotion, Mr's memory card 3x, which consequently killed it, and my car keys. Oh well. Believe it or not I do check pockets before washing too. How things still end up there, I have no clue.

Panini said...

last week, I lost an entire day, and I can't figure out where it went. It was during Spring Break . . and I didn't find out until the weekend that I, unfortunately, was a day behind.

ZB said...

Sadly, your brain goes faster after you have children...this is a proven fact. And you lose not only a day..but entire weeks of life. I have no clue what today is! I think I should replace a card in my brain!

Miss Parker said...

Hey, I can comment as myself now, apparently.

I still maintain that all the socks I've lost have really been eaten by the dryer and ended up dissolved in the lint catcher. BUt really, I hate wearing socks anyway, so whatev.

Anonymous said...

My husband did pretty much the same thing after coming home exhausted from a ski trip. It went through the washer and dryer, and it still worked for a few months . . . then it severely overheated and would burn those brave enough to touch it. He had to use a potholder to hold it long enough to get his contacts out.

Either way, your experience sounds like a perfect entry for the Barlow-centric Times. Much more exciting than not having hot water for a few weeks.

Old Friend From D.C.

Chester The Bear said...

It's all down hill from here girl. You hit 25, then bam!

First, little snippets of memory. Then your brain starts losing processing speed.

After that, in your late thirties, it's your looks. Gone. Figure. Smooth youthful face (and other bits not suitable mentioned here)

By your mid forties, your eyesight's shot, and after that... well, you won't even remember you had a mobile phone, and if you did, simple tasks (like which button to press to answer a call) will confuse you.