05 June 2006

Random Musings

I can't really make any of the following things into a coherent entry, so I'll just bullet them and let you comment.

  • I am beginning to really, really hate Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Not because of them personally, but because I cannot stand one more morning waking up to some DJ telling me some inane detail from a "source close to" them about their life. I so do not understand the obsession people have with the private doings of individuals with whom they are so wholly unconnected. Corollary: I am also fed up with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, and the unholy cultural phenomenon of stupid mashed nicknames assigned to all of the above.
  • I'm sorry, but if the several protests about immigration could be held at Library Square without disrupting traffic and closing roads for an entire Sunday, the gay pride people can do it too. And don't flip me off Man in the Crosswalk when I have to make a turn before you get all the way to the other side of the street because the light is yellow, there are 47 cars behind me and there was no advance warning about the closed roads.
  • It should not be 97 degrees on the first Tuesday in June. 87 I could handle. But if it is reaching almost 100 in the first of June, one long, hot, miserable summer of smelling of sunscreen and hat hair is before me. Not. A. Fan.
  • Shut up, Fox News. Specifically, but not limited to, John Gibson and Bill O'Reilly.
  • Is it fangirly of me that I really want to buy Anderson Cooper's book Dispatches from the Edge despite having no money with which to do so?
  • How sad is it that in my late 20's I'm fighting a losing battle against a sophomoric crush on a guy from church? Especially one who doesn't know my name and is at most only 2 inches taller than I, therefore incompatible with every pair of shoes in my closet, except the flip flops.
  • Jane Austen novels are like crack. They get you all high on 'romance' and 'love' etc. and then you crash, hard, into reality, ie: see above.

Any thoughts? Or do I just need to stop wasting time and get back to the ugly, ugly world of past due invoices?


aquamarine said...

SO there for you on those Monday WOES!!! Every time I see a schmeared celebrity couple name, I want to barf! YUCK. But every girl needs a crush. It is what makes life so interesting, right?

*handing you a cool lemonade* Hope tomarrow brings a breeze and less protestor road shut-offs.

Panini said...

I love you for this. Thank you and Amen.

Katie said...

I bet he does know your name. And I second Panini's amen and mama darlin's comment. Who ISN'T sick of hearing those yucky nicknames? UGH!

Scully said...

Hey, Panini, how is life? I miss your blog since it made me feel we actually kept in touch!

Katie, it is 50/50 about the name knowing. I don't really particpate in ward activities and I always manage to have my worst 'Overslept and Rushed to Chruch' looking going when they take pics for the ward directory, so I'm kind of a ghost. But I have had a small conversation with him, so anything is possible.

Mama Darlin', thanks for the lemonade!

oldladyme said...

mom would love to comment and have a site but she is just a bit worried since the redhotmama deal.
I used to envy the life of a single girl in the big city, knowing full well I could not or would not make it. But Not Such a Fan now. Is flipping off a Salt Lake, Utah state bird emblam. Really!!!!!

Miss Parker said...

Ditto...and I did do the Lucky 7, btw.

t said...

If it makes you feel any better, it was 80, in the shade, when I left my house this morning at 7:45.
It's still not in the 120's yet so we're doing well. Totally hate those celeb name smashing together, blame it all on JLo and Benny. As for the crush, just make it fun, you remember how many of those I had. Try not to obsess much? We've got road closures and detours here for a huge sewer line project in the middle of one of the busiest streets in the City I work in. I almost got smashed yesterday between the edge of the road and the truck who was trying to merge in front of me and instead of waiting to merge behind me, he started pushing me off the road to get in front of me. Blech!!

Panini said...

:)...but I still feel connected because I'm still reading all of yours. I'm thinking about coming back...I even started answering the 7 things...but I think I'll wait til school gets out. see you tonight!

Scully said...

Yay, Panini! Esperanza and I were talking last night (I needed her opnion on a little gift for H) and we agreed that the blogs were the best for keeping in touch. I mean, I've had Mama Darlin's email for years, but we've only caught up/kept in touch with the blogs. We need to get all our friends on here. If I, the one technology hates, can manage a blog, anybody can! See you tonight.

Esperanza said...

Go for the guy! I don't think any of us will ever get over our jr. high type crushes....maybe when we are married finally?