09 June 2006

For You Music Aficionados

Or those who are just really sick of radio. I'm sure I'm the last person to know about this, seeing as I am not on the cutting edge of technology, but I heard about this site called Pandora. It is easy to use and has far fewer commercials than Yahoo LAUNCHcast. Enjoy!


t said...

Does it seem work friendly?
By the way, I've done the Lucky 7.

Scully said...

Well, it all depends on what you input. It asks for favorite bands/songs and then plays those, plus others new songs that are similar musically. So if you say Nine Inch Nails is a favorite, then it probably isn't work friendly, but if you say that BNL is, then you will probably be okay. Also, you can create multiple 'stations' so you could create a work-friendly one. Also, if you don't like the song, you can give it a thumbs-down and they'll stop playing it immediately.