12 June 2006

Come ON!

This might surprise a few of you, dear readers, but I'm obsessed with the World Cup. Maybe because it is the Olympics of the soccer (I have to really fight my pretentious instinct to refer to it as 'football') or perhaps because it is the one sport I can still stand to watch on television. Either way, this obsession started in 1994 when the US hosted its first World Cup. I even bought a t-shirt with my hard-earned baby-sitting money. I tangentially followed the 1998 World Cup, but without the internet, it was a little difficult. In 2002 I contributed to a pool started by my fellow interns at the BYU Barlow Centre to rent a tv and stayed up until all hours watching the England/Germany match. And so we come to the 2006 World Cup which started Friday.

I suprised my roommate Parker with my dedication to the event. I think my watching the England/Paraguay game on a Spanish-language station may have worried her. But I loved every minute of it. And so we come to today. The US choked. Hopefully they can get it together for their next match against Italy. They are better than they played today and I hope they show it in the upcoming days. But I have to confess, if it came down to a US/England match I would be hard-pressed to choose a side.


aquamarine said...

TOTALLY AGREE! Soccer is one of the few...what am I kidding it is the only sport I will actually watch, but I can get pretty wrapped up in a game.

oldladyme said...

What? Does this really come from the USA hosting the past games or do you miss the million mile trips and the sweet smell of shin guards?

Scully said...

I always liked the game, I just didn't like watching 8 year-olds play in 40 degree weather. And World Cup players, for the most part, are pretty.