15 March 2006

Top 10 Reasons I Should Have Stayed in Bed Today

10. The nagging head cold that caused me to go through 4 boxes of Kleenex in the past 2 days is still present and probably grossing out my co-workers
9. By the time I walked the 10 feet from my front door to my car, I was covered in snow.
8. My car was covered in 6 inches of snow.
7. It took me 45 minutes instead of 17 to drive to work.
6. Big semi-trucks (yes, Mr. Budweiser driver, I'm looking at you) whose drivers think they can bully you into driving more than 25mph even though the SUV in the next lane just slid off the side of the freeway.
5. My boss had to have a colonoscopy yesterday and people seem to want to ask him what it was like. Since my desk is right outside his office, I have to hear about it too. Repeatedly.
4. I have 3 half-finished books that are due back at the library on Monday and I've already renewed them twice.
3. The Kleenex I have at home has lotion in it. The office Kleenex does not. Thus, I look like
2. I spent most of the morning cold and wet and now my hair is out of control.
1. Because there is nothing to do at work today but file things. Which I don't feel like doing.


Esperanza said...

And you do realize it is all because today is the Ides of March right? jk. Yeah, had a similar snow experience, funny thing is, now by 10:00 the sun is shineing and the snow is ALL melted. Funny thing Utah weather in the spring. P.S. what are you reading? I just started the historian and it is sooo good!

Scully said...

I'm reading The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende and Jesus the Christ by Talmadge. Also a book called The Hip Girl's Guide to Home, Cars, and Money Stuff. I just haven't had the energy to pay attention, so I have no comprehension. I loved the Historian. It made me want to travel Europe! And I am in a better mood now that the sun is out. At least the PM commute won't be bad.

aquamarine said...

Sorry about the crummy day! Sounds like I should head to the library for the Historian. Two thumbs us is more than I could ask for!