15 March 2006

I'm Such a Nerd

But this is the coolest, most distrubing, news I have heard. The continent of Africa, specifically the Horn of Africa, is splitting. Check out the following link to see interesting pictures. This is so amazing, happening in real time. And of course American news sources are more concerned with what Michael Douglas thinks about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

  • Africa Splits

    aquamarine said...

    Scully, you always know the most interesting things! I found the article quite fasinating. I shared with MR too, and he ended up dreaming about it! LOL.

    Esperanza said...

    Soooooo cool....pangea coming?

    t said...

    Thanks for sharing! I love seeing that kind of stuff. I find it interesting especially since we live on the side of the San Andreas that is predicted to slide north sometime in the future. It seems like this Africa thing is happening pretty quickly!