07 February 2006

This Week’s Reasons for Getting Out of Bed

The increasing number of pairs of pants in my closet I can pull on and off without undoing.

The sun is up and shining when I drive to and from work.

The fact that I can adjust my work hours and leave 20 minutes early so I can get home and on the gym treadmill before the other two girls in my complex who like to work out at 5 pm.

The Television Without Pity forum for The Office in which everyone posts quotes from the show that make me laugh so hard I have to do the barely convincing ‘cough’ to cover up the fact that I’m not doing actual work.

The McVitties Chocolate Caramel Digestives I bought at the London Market on Saturday. I got addicted to them when I lived in London six years ago and I’m ecstatic to have found a new supplier.

All the new jazz CDs I have had an excuse to buy since I told my brother I would do the music for his wedding reception and open house.

My CD-playing alarm clock, the CD-playing part having died some weeks ago, miraculously springing back to life so that I could wake up to Stacey Kent’s Let Yourself Go rather than obnoxiously chipper DJs.


Esperanza said...

Wow! Life seems good! Early sping--sort of--in Utah and in life can bring good results! Esp. the extra pants part!

aquamarine said...

All good reasons! I will have to try those McVitties chocolate vitamens. Sounds deliciously healthy!

t said...

I wish I had more pants to wear period! That's the pain of being in between Juniors and Womens. There's nothing for me! Guess I have to lose weight!

Scully said...

Walking, McVitties are actually like round cookie shaped graham crackers and I like the ones covered in chocolate and caramel. So not healthy, but delicious! And CherBear, sorry about the in-between! I have to wear a belt w/half my pairs of pants, otherwise they will fall off, but I don't have the funds to replace and it is far too cold to be wearing a skirt to work everyday.

Katie said...

mmmmmm McVitties!!!! sooooooo good! P.S. Where IS this London Market???

Scully said...

Katie, it is on 700 E and about 500 S in Salt Lake. It is just acrosse the street and a bit south of Trolley Square. It is in a little converted house by the Trolley Regent theatre. And they have every kind of digestive and candy bar you could want. Plus they are really nice and have lots of other British foodstuff and souvenirs, but of course I go for the chocolate first. Next time you are in SLC, call me up and we'll go!