23 February 2006

FantasyLand Illustrated

Due to popular demand and my new-found posting skills, I'm giving you the illustrated version of Scully's February 2006 Fantasy Boyfriend line-up.

Gregory House, MD (Actor: Hugh Laurie)

Michael Rosenbaum

Sayid Jarrah (Actor: Naveen Andrews)

John Krasinski as Jim Halpert on The Office

Dean Winchester (Actor: Jensen Ackles)


t said...

Jensen is such a babe! I remember watching Dark Angel with you guys just to see Jensen appear! One word, Berrisford Agenda.

Miss Parker said...

Two words to descibe JA: hot.

Ok, that Dr. House is looking a little crazy round the eyes. Get away from me, you crazy-eyed psycho!

Sherpa said...

love your fantasy boyfriend team.

I wonder if there's a fantasy boyfriend league online somewhere.

Scully said...

CherBear, The Berrisford Agenda is almost worth the price of the DA S2 DVDs. Glasses, wet, angst - the Trifecta of Attractive! Parker, the fact that the only pic I could find that fit my perameters has some psycho pseudo-circulatory system background. Plus, you must remember he is addicted to painkillers. And Ruby G, maybe we should start a blog called the Fantasy Boyfriend League or FBL {TM pending ;)}. Every entry could spotlight a fantasy bf. And it is official, I need a life!

aquamarine said...

You can never go wrong with a good chisled jaw line and captivating eyes.

Scully said...

Walking, it is always the eyes that get me. Always. The exemption being my senior crush in high school. I sat behind him in calculus and became mesmerized by his shoulders. And dropped calculus at the end of the semester. Yes, I am that shallow.

Miss Parker said...

The FBL sounds like a more complex, harder-to-decide on version of Desert Island. Heh.

t said...

I'm adding Bradley Cooper to the league. It's so sad what they did to him in Alias.

And Colin Firth is on the league too.

Can we add gay dudes? Because I think Alan Cumming is attractive.

Scully said...

CherBear, I don't think Parker would allow the FBL to function withou Rupert Evrett, so Alan Cummings can join. Although I just saw X-Men 2 on TV, so when I read his name, I immediately saw him all blue, with weird teeth and a tail. Not the image you are imagining, I bet.

t said...

No that's not the attractive side I remembered but I did think of him in XM2. He played a slimy character in Circle of Friends that I was strangely attracted to. And speaking of XM2, we must add Huge Ackman!! I keep remembering that SNL skit where he was discounting the casting of Tobey McGuire as Spiderman.

Oh yes, Rupert must be a member. He was the voice of the fox on Narnia. I was happy to at least hear his voice again after not seeing him in a while.

By the way, love the profile pic, excellent!! (said with French accent)