14 February 2011

A Random Collection Of Thoughts On This Notorious 'Holiday'

My distaste for Valentine's Day started long ago when I was forced to endure decorations that assumed that pink and red matched, when in reality they clash rather horribly. Especially the bubble gum pink that was all the rage in my childhood known as 'the 80s.' Also, I hated being forced to give Valentine's to everyone and rather wished we didn't have to give them at all. If they are forced they mean less than nothing and are, therefore, worth nothing. Which is a long way of saying Valentine's Day and I parted ways in elementary school. There are a few good things about it, like all the 50%-off chocolate in grocery stores on the 15th and those candy hearts that taste like sweetened Pepto Bismol. I also thoroughly enjoyed the tradition my roommates and I started in which we dressed in black, wore black nail polish and loads of eyeliner and then went to class at BYU. Watching everyone silently freak out and put on their I'm-totally-not-judging-you-but-you-are-a-total-freak face was fantastic. Good times.

Not good times: the combination of middle schoolers, cheap candy, and a day devoted to hormones. Seriously a crazy day. It was much harder to refrain from flicking them in the nose like disobedient puppies than it usually is. I feel that we should just observe President's Day on the 14th of February every year instead of try to hold classes. It would make everyone's lives (except possibly parents' lives) easier.

As I have stated in many past posts, I have a decades-long addiction to fashion magazines. That I am a fan of the website Go Fug Yourself should be no surprise, as the women in charge are witty and charming. A few years ago they started attending and blogging about spring Fashion Week. Always amusing, just gossipy enough, and an interesting preview of what I'll find in my InStyle next month, I look forward to their excursions into the world of fashion. While I don't always agree with their assessments of outfits, I do share their undying admiration of Victoria Beckham. The more I read about her (and I really want to get ahold of her books someday) or see her in interviews the more I like her. Her designs are equally likable. Most fashion seems impossible off the runway, especially if you are not built like emaciated gazelle, but when you look at her collections, one can imagine that the dresses she designs could be a) worn in real life off the runway and 2) worn by normal-sized women. Which makes her aces in my book.

Finally, if you haven't yet seen the movie RED, go do that. Tonight. Not because it is an excellent movie or is in any way important. See it because it is a ridiculous movie and it knows it and it revels in it. Which made me giggle. Also, Helen Mirren is fantastic. And I personally believe that Karl Urban decided his character had decided his entire work persona would be an impersonation of Brad Pitt. Enjoy!


Lynne said...

YOU are sooooooooo adorable!! While I might not "totally" agree with "all" you said, you said it in a GREAT way that made me laugh!!

esperanza said...

I've seen it. Is Urban the hot, dark haired man? P.S. I've said for a while now I want to be classy looking like Helen M. when I'm an old lady. :)

Scully said...

Yes, Urban ins the hot, dark-haired man. He was also Doctor McCoy in the Star Trek movie, an assassin in the middle Bourne movie, and the leader of the horse-riders in The Lord of the Rings movies. If you want to check him out in other things. And ditto about Helen Mirren.

Heather said...

It's in my Queue! :) excited to see it.

I loved Valentine's Day in grade school.. I don't know why.. mostly I just loved getting candy :) My mom would never let me give any with my cards tho.. so FRUSTRATING!

But from then on out it really hasn't been all that it's cracked up to be... unfortunately. I have hi hopes for President's day.. HA!

Heather said...

Did I really just say "hi" hopes?? I knew that didn't look right.. eh hem.. I meant "high", of course.