02 August 2010


Sometimes I look through my blog archives and wonder what happened to my posting ability. Or, really, my drive to do so. I think what happened, and it's just a theory, is that for the past 3 years I have been operating in survival mode. It has taken this summer, the last seven weeks, of doing absolutely nothing (well, mostly nothing) to get me feeling like a real human being again. I have finally started to remember what makes me, me. It is a nice feeling, getting reacquainted with myself. Which led me to some thinking about several things, which subsequently led me to make some decisions, which then led to some changes. 

The first important decision was to start going to a family ward in September. I turned 31 last October and I think it is time I waved good-bye to the YSA life. That decision led to my being released as Relief Society President yesterday. It still doesn't seem quite real, although I now have fewer keys, less paperwork, and a much more open calendar.

The second important decision is that I need to start living healthier. I have developed some very, very bad habits over the last five years or so, and they need to stop. This led to two changes, the first being my giving up soda, which means no more daily doses of Dr. Pepper, Cherry Coke, or Coke & Lime. I thought it would be hard, since I just started on Monday of last week. It hasn't been. In fact, I bought a Dr. Pepper on Saturday and I didn't enjoy it all that much. Some of it has to do with my new addiction to San Pellegrino and Lime, but at least it has no sugar, no caffeine, and no calories, right? Also, I committed myself to doing a non-couch potato activity three times a week. So far, so good. And since I don't actually call it exercise, I don't end up pushing myself so hard I'm miserable and injure myself and give up. So yay!

The third decision is that I need to start doing things I love again. Which means writing and reading and occasionally doing something artistic. I have a little less of a developed plan on that one, but I figure actually posting on my blog is a step in the right direction. We'll see what happens. 

And finally, I hope the title of this post got David Bowie stuck in your head.


Tamara said...

Love, love, love your changes. . . .We are trying to be healthier too. Thanks for all the people you guided and helped over the past year and a half. You will never know all the ways you influenced others!

Heather said...

Way to go on making changes. Change is hard and I hate it.. but sadly I need to make some of the very same changes you are making. Eating healthier and exercising being top on the list. Doing things I love again might have to wait for now. I'm so glad you are feeling like yourself again. And yay for being released.. I'm sure it was sad in a way but hopefully a little relieving too. I know you did a fabulous job. Prayers your way that whatever new ward you move into hits the spot. The nursery is calling your name!!! :) ha ha. I love nursery and you're so good at it!

I need to email you back!!! We had a fabulous weekend with the babies. I missed you but of course I understand! We are exhausted.. and heading to bed right now. I was going to go home with my parents along with Danielle but she can't make it so it's not happening. I am bummed but have to just suck it up :( I miss home.

Treat Queen said...

Yay for you!!

I've decided I need to do more things too. I'm calling it 'making memories'. It forces me to get outside my homebody bubble. (and do things like hike Mt. Timp-12 hours later and having every muscle group in my body hurt, I can say I did it)

WalkConkies said...

Way to go, girl!!! Change is hard for me, but boy does it feel good to make the changes you know you need to! Best of luck with all of those - and I have to say I'm very impressed that you didn't wait until January 1st like the rest of us slackers :)!