27 July 2010

Summer Vacation

I spent a few days on the Oregon coast for a few days this month for my stepmother's family reunion. It was so beautiful there - I want to permanently relocate to a tiny beach house somewhere along there in the near future. Can you blame me?

I went crabbing for the first time while I was there - thankfully the rain stopped shortly after we started. It was fun, but wet. And I don't eat shellfish, so I didn't partake in the fruits of our labors. 

A few days after I got home, my friend Tina Spahkle came up for a visit. We had a lot of fun, most of it when we left our cameras behind, but we did manage to capture a few fun pictures while exploring Larrabee State park.

Most of the rest of my summer has been spent worrying about student teaching, finding a job, and facing the real world again. And I have a stack of partially read books I need to finish in the next four weeks. Good times.


Katie said...

1) Beautiful photos. You make me miss the Northwest so much!

2) How could you NOT partake of the crab?

3) Don't worry about student teaching: you will be amazing!

4) I am the queen of procrastinating reading. Don't worry, because it will get done eventually.

esperanza said...

Beautiful photos! I love the Northwest! You will worry about teaching for a LONG time. :) But don't worry, once you do it, you will love it!

WalkConkies said...

No, I can't blame you for wanting to live there - glad you had a relaxing trip in such a beautiful place! And, YOU are beautiful in that picture with your friend! I wish I was the one who got to come for a visit! We miss you!

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Um . . . Oregon. We are headed to Florence on Saturday. I am always amazed that I live within two hours of such a fabulous place.