08 June 2010

A Few Ground Rules

I spent the past few days considering whether I actually wanted to keep this blog going. There was a slight kerfuffle due to my last post that seeped into my real life - something I very much do not like at all. This blog was supposed to be a place I could write what I was thinking and feeling and then leave it behind. Lately I felt an increasing need to self-edit, due to who has been reading my blog. Part of it is my fault for linking the blog on my Facebook page. Part of it was a slight panicky feeling when people addressed me by my name in comments. I thought about either deleting the blog altogether or making in private. Both would cause different issues and different, but similarly scaled, work loads. Neither felt right because both felt like I was making all the accommodations when it was my blog and my small corner of the virtual world. So here is the deal - I'm laying a few ground rules for my blog. If they are followed, great. This weekend will just be a small hiccup. If not, then I will reassess and see what happens.

My Rules:
  • If you comment, please DO NOT use my real name. There is a reason I use the pseudonym Scully. I like having a slight veneer of anonymity on my blog. I do not use real names in what I write. Please extend me the same courtesy. If not, I will delete your comments.
  • I write to get rid of things, to get things off my chest. It is a cathartic form of writing. This means that what I'm feeling when I write generally stays where I left it, on the blog. Feel free to debate my sentiments, to argue, to be offended if you wish, but know that I have moved on and do not want to deal with it in real life. That is why it is on the blog.
  • As a caveat to the previous rule, it is not my intention to use my blog to ridicule, harangue, lecture, or abuse someone. What I write is what I feel about a situation, my interpretation of events. If I get upset about something, it is because of the way it affects me. I don't hold grudges and won't call anyone out, but I will express my feelings and opinions. It is a balancing act and I won't always be successful.
Hopefully this is just a refresher and we can all go back to my regularly scheduled rants.


Susan said...

So sorry I broke the rules!! I didn't realize that NO WHERE on your blog is your name! Unobservant! I will never do it again. Promise.

Scully said...

No worries - I'm just a bit paranoid when it comes to blogging. Especially since I don't want any future students to find my blog.

Saxon said...

I was more confused when I saw your real name as I wondered who everybody was talking to, as they weren't commenting to scully and that seemed strange as it was your blog.

In a vain and pitiful attempt at a defence I'd had a long day at work which is why it took so breathtakingly long for the penny to drop!