02 June 2010

Blerg Seems Like An Understatement

But it will have to do for now. Today is the nadir of the year, has been for the last three years and most likely will be for the rest of my life. What is the worst is being so busy the date doesn't really register until you are sitting in your 8am class and the date is made abundantly clear and there is nowhere to run and hide. So now, on top of dealing with all the other feelings you have to deal with, guilt gets added to the pile. Good times.

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WalkConkies said...

I'm sorry Christen. My dad's date is hard to forget as it is on my sister Stacy's birthday, poor girl. It is so hard and that day will forever be in our memory as a day of loss. I am so grateful to know that we will be reunited. I just got back from trying to comfort a neighbor who lost her son (not much older than us) to suicide and it made me grateful for what my father's death was not. I hope you know how much you are loved - on both sides of the veil!!!