04 October 2008

Quick Note

I realize I owe you all a very long post catching you all up on my many doings these past couple of weeks, but seriously, I'm fairly overwhelmed by the whole experience and haven't had time to process. Which means there is no way to explain it in any linear, understandable fashion. Once I get a routine down, I'll be able to organize my thoughts. Plus, I crazily decided to drive home this weekend, so I'm living out of a small bag and forgot half my homework back in my apartment and am generally consumed by chaos. BUT, I do have a little something for you guys - updates on The Gummi Bear and the Peanut!

The Gummi Bear

The Gummie Bear will be 2 months-old on Wednesday and is starting to look like a baby instead of a newborn. She woke her parents up at 4am the other morning giggling. And continued to giggle for quite a while. Which I think bodes well for our relationship! Her very talented mother took this picture, which I think is adorable.

The Peanut

The Peanut just turned 6 months-old last Wednesday. He recently outgrew his 9 month clothes. He loves books, which just makes my heart swell with pride. And anytime I'm on the phone with his mom, The Accidental Housewife, he has to 'talk' very loudly, just so we both know he is still there. Those eyes of his are going to break a lot of hearts someday, don't you agree?


Kirk & Heather said...

Oh how cute are little gb and the pnut!! That picture of Gummi Bear is really REALLY great! And I wish there was a way to capture the giggle.. a baby giggling.. just kill me now! so cute.

Sorry for the chaos.. we are both so alike in that we don't do well in it. All I was doing was trying to come up with 8 new cards for a class and I couldn't even think about blogging :). I'm a good multi-tasker.. unless I have to use my brain too much :)

Hears hoping for the routine soon! good to hear from you.


ZB said...

those eyebrows. To. Die. For!