24 October 2008

Motivation Seems To Have Gone On A Holiday

So it is Friday at 7:30 in the  evening and I am seriously considering getting into my pajamas. I have quite a bit of homework for next week, but that so isn't getting done tonight. I have a talk to write for Sacrament meeting on Sunday, but that isn't going to get done tonight either. In fact, it is highly possible that I will spend the remaining hours before going to bed having a Supernatural mini-marathon. Which does not bode well for my future preparedness. I vaguely remember being an overachiever at some point in my life, but alas that is no more. Also, I have a soon-to-be-announced new calling, which is stressing me out just a little. All of which adds up to another Friday night at home. Good times.

Oh, and did anyone else find last night's The Office slightly disjointed and vaguely unsatisfying? I mean, there was a substantial amount of Jim on camera and he does have lovely green eyes, but still, I feel like I missed an important scene or two. Maybe it is just me.

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aquamarine said...

You sure sound exhausted! I think the mini-marathon is just what the Doc. ordered.

So with you on The Office. What is up with it lately?