20 March 2008

Taking One For The Team

So, my office has an annual NCAA 'March Madness' pool. Although no one put in any money, which is odd. I'm not really clear on the details, but I think one of the owners is so very obsessed with the NCAA tournament that he foots the bill. So we all got 5 teams, drawn out of a box, and if they win their first game, we get $1, the second, $2 and so one. Well, I didn't get a team seeded above 7 in their division/conference. And most of my teams eventually play one another, meaning I will lose out no matter what. But I did decide to trade someone for BYU, my alma mater. They aren't expected to go that far, being seeded 8th in their division conference. But at least I feel I showed some school spirit. And if they do win, then I can rub it in all my co-workers' faces.


two forks said...

go cougs!!! the big game is in a few hours!

esperanza said...

According to my brother BYU is actually better than our conference and should be in a different one...so they are good, but you are right, prob. not that good. But, Go Cougs!

Scully said...

Sadly BYU choked. And the team I traded for BYU - Western Kentucky - made it to the Sweet 16. Four of my teams lost their first round games. I won exactly one dollar from Butler's first round win and then they lost in their second round game in overtime. So I won a dollar. Everyone in the office has won more than one dollar. Everyone.