28 March 2008

I Wish I Could Share The Experience With You All

Our stake decided to put on Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat for the community and have been working at breakneck speed since January to have it ready to open Wednesday.  I went to see it last night with some friends from the ward.  The show itself was quite well done, especially considering they had only been rehearsing since January. Everyone did so well, I only rolled my eyes a little when the audience gave them a standing ovation.  

Before the curtain went up on the show, there was some 'pre-show' entertainment, which was an a cappella group.  A cappella isn't really my cup of tea, but I wasn't too worried as it wouldn't last long.  The seven gentlemen walked out on stage and started "Silhouette On the Shade," which I think is a fairly standard a cappella song.  Feel free to correct me if I am wrong. What I have not heard before with a cappella groups is having one member who sole duty is beatboxing.  But they had one. Which I found odd.  No one else seemed to find it odd.  Their second number was "Breakfast At Tiffanys," which was performed in a disconcertingly upbeat manner considering it is a break-up song and contains the phrase "I hate when things are over."  Their last song choice kind of blew my mind, in that it was Toto's "Africa," a song which kind of depends on being a little over-produced.  One of the a cappella group's members was solely tasked with making the weird little trilling part of the song, at which he was only moderately successful.  The audience seemed to love it, but I just sat there wishing I could have recorded it and shared it with all of you.  Because I'm fairly sure I will never experience something like that again.

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cherbear said...

Wow, sounds great. It seems they didn't quite know what the words to "Breakfast at Tiffany's" were even though they were singing them. I heard that "Africa" song on the radio yesterday and actually quite enjoyed it. I don't think it does work as acapella though.