15 February 2007

Survivor's Guilt

I originally planned to write about the oddity that is a blind date. I had one, the first in a long, long time, on Monday. And it was fine. Nice guy, good conversation, a fine evening all around. Then I got home to a couple of phone messages from family wanting to make sure I was no where near Trolley Square. After hearing about the shooting, I realized my roommate was not home. And not answering her cell phone. Thankfully there was a saved message on our voicemail that meant she had heard it at some point after 9pm. Finally she called and explained that she was with a friend and co-worker at the hospital as he waited for news about his father, who was in surgery, and his brother, who was still in the ER. Sadly, his dad didn't make it. This whole experience just highlights how surreal life is. One hour I'm watching and cheering for vastly overpaid athletes at the Delta Center (excuse me, the Energy Solutions Arena) and the next I'm praying for the loved ones of people I barely know. So now I'm re-evaluating my priorities. Again. I think that might be the biggest challenge of this life, realizing and remembering what is truly important and what is just filler.


esperanza said...

Totally agree. And I think we are all prone to being filler-addicts to avoid the reality of what is important sometimes to hide. But you know, there is nothing wrong with good ole enjoyment and entertainment to keep us going through the hard blows.

aquamarine said...

I was shocked to see this on the news myself. I thought about each one of you gals. Trolley Square is a spot mentioned by all of you on more than one night time excursion. All these tragedies are definitely keeping me on my toes these days. So much can happen in a blink of an eye!