28 February 2007

Did You Miss Me?

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. First there was the Move, which involved all sorts of packing and cleaning and loading and unloading and driving through multiple states. Thanks to all those involved in the various stages everything went according to plan and nothing broke, so Yay! Then came the unpacking, trying to find places for all my junk and then for all the junk I displaced by taking over my brother's former room, since my old room is a) too small for my current bed and b) now the office. And finally there was the Computer Crisis of 2007 in which my computer refused to boot up and had the Black Screen of Death, which suggested that I had contracted a virus that wiped my hard drive. However, when I tried to boot it up today, as an experiment, it worked. Fingers-crossed it keeps on working! And in honor of the move, here are the top 5 things about moving home:

1. Waffles for Breakfast -- It is excellent to wake up to freshly made waffles. That never happened when I lived on my own. Because I only woke up early enough to pour some cold cereal in a bowl and hope I had time to eat it.

2. $15 Haircuts -- There is a woman in my parents' ward who is a trained stylist, but works out of her home to be with her kids during the day. She only charges $15 for a hair cut and she made both my mother and I look fabulous. Excellent!

3. Being Universally Loved -- Apparently I am the most popular person in my parents' circle of friends and acquaintances. Everyone here has been so lovely and complimentary. It is doing wonders for my wounded ego.

4. Grocery Shopping -- My parents have a much larger budget than I did and therefore we can buy fun things like Vegetable Thins, gourmet bread, and avocados.

5. The Puppy Possibility -- Not only do my parents have a large yard, they don't charge a pet fee. My dad insists he doesn't want another dog, but my mom and I think adopting a puppy from a shelter would be the loveliest thing in the world. I'm sure we'll bring him around on the subject. Because seriously, I want a puppy!


esperanza said...

I have missed you and I do miss you! I am so glad you posted, and home sounds soooo wonderful right now! Get a puppy!!!

blackjazz said...

Yes - I've missed your posts, wondering when the next one would be. Glad you've completed the move north.

Don't get a puppy.

CherBear said...

Wow, home sounds nice!! Get the puppy and help David Duchovny save those poor shelter dogs! I wish more people would spay and neuter their animals.

Panini said...

How great!!! That sounds like a piece of heaven. Waffles! Definitely get a puppy--that would be fabulous! I'm glad the move went well.

aquamarine said...

Yeah! I am so glad everything went well. There is something truly comforting about waking up in your childhood home, especially to the sent of fresh waffles! That only happens when I make them and then well I am awake. Kind of defeats the purpose. heheh If you do get a puppy there has got to be pictures! But my vote is for the puppy. Way to much fun.

Katie said...

OH! Do get a puppy! I'm glad to hear you're doing well.