02 August 2006

Blame It on the Rain

Yes, I did just quote a Milli Vanilli song. No, I am not sorry that the song is now stuck in each and every one of my readers' heads. It is stuck in mine too. But that is not the point. The point is that I must be the opposite of every SADD person out there. Because yesterday was an extraordinarily happy day for me. Sorry if you were without power or had property damage or whatnot, but I was just thrilled not to have to see the smug face of the sun. It was wonderful to feel the cold in the air, to smell the rain, to be able to NOT spontaneously combust when getting in the car after work. I made a fervent wish that it would last for more than a day. Which is why I woke up on the worst wrong side of the bed this morning and cursed the sun and the climbing thermometer. I want it to stay below 80, to have a hint of fall in the air, and to spare me the misery of any more 100+ days of heat. And yes, six months from now I will be issuing a complaint about the cold, the lack of sun, and the fact it isn't warming up fast enough. If the weather can be fickle, so can I.


t said...

Rain would be good for us right about now. At least it's under 100 for the moment. The other day I was grateful it was 90 degrees and I thought it was pretty cool, if you were standing in the shade. We just had a humid-wave and I was hoping and praying it would just rain already. If it's going to be 50% humid, I need to see some rain drops.
I was just reminded of all those times that we would sit on the porch and watch the summer thunderstorms. Good times.

Scully said...

Those were good times. Also good times - watching Newsradio. I Netflixed seasons 1-3 of the show and I remembered how funny it was. Supposedly Nick@Night is airing the show, but I can never remember to check for it. I hope you get rain!