28 September 2012

There Is A Parable In Here Somewhere

A year ago, I can't remember if it is for my birthday or Christmas, I asked for a new down-alternative comforter for my bed. The one I had was one I bought on the cheap that wasn't quite big enough for my bed and had become compressed and un-fluffy over the years. My dad gave me the money for one but I couldn't find one that I liked. They were all either the wrong size or too expensive or too cheap, too heavy or too light for me to justify buying. I was the Goldilocks of Bed, Bath, and Beyond. So I just made do with what I had and set the money aside. Or, rather, spent it on groceries and assumed I would be in a position to buy a comforter when I found one. 

Yesterday, I went to Marshall's looking for a belt for a dress I have that is cute-but-plain and requires creative accessorizing due to a large collar. I did not find a belt. What I did find, was a Calvin Klein down-alternative comforter that was exactly what I was looking for for only $60.00. It was the perfect size, the perfect fill, big and fluffy, and on clearance. Practically perfect in every way. And since it was so inexpensive, I splurged on two new, deluxe pillows. I had a divine night of sleep last night.

The thing is, last fall and winter I was mildly discouraged by the lack of affordable comforters. I gave up, moved on, made do. I decided I wasn't going to spend my money on something that wasn't perfect or settle for something that was less than I wanted, even if what I wanted -- a fantastic, hypo-allergenic queen-size comforter for less than $100 -- seemed non-existent. It was something I wanted but something for which I had stopped looking. I kind of even forgot about the whole endeavor until yesterday while browsing Marshall's home decor section and a little voice said "Maybe you should see if they have a comforter."

Last night, as I was wrestling this perfect new comforter into my duvet, I was overwhelmed by how blessed and cared for I am. This minor want, frankly unnecessary and unimportant in the grand scheme of things, was filled. Not when I wanted it to be, not when I thought it should be, but when it needed to be. If this sort of thoughtfulness and care is apparent in the small details of my daily life, I need to stop worrying so much about the major things.


Krystal Baker said...

Love this - and I have had similar experiences which remind me how much Heavenly Father loves me and how much little things like that remind me I'm watched out for.

WalkConkies said...

This is so true. We can definitely put our trust in Him because He does care about everything that we care about, even the little things! I hope you remember this every time you snuggle up in bed w/ your cumfy comforter and pillows :)!